Roman order

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(Arch.) the composite order. See Composite, a., 2.
- Ure.

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Typical was Francis Haverfield, an eminent archaeologist who was the first to examine closely how Britain, under occupation by Rome's legions, had been absorbed into the Roman order. In 1905, three years after the statue of Boudicca had been winched into position, Haverfield declared himself on the side of the invaders.
It wasn't a penalty for Roman citizens; it was given to rebels from outside who agitated against Roman order. Crucifixion was supposed to totally humiliate someone and repudiate their cause.
Benedict that Europe was able to emerge from the chaos of the Dark Ages; it was also thanks to Clovis drilling his soldiers into Roman order and Charlemagne imitating Caesar by building a bridge across the Rhine.
ROMAN ORDER (12.30) can land the seven-furlong nursery at Lingfield for Brian Meehan.
His mount Bubbly Bailey had finished a short head in front of the Martin Dwyer-ridden Roman Order, but the front two were reversed after stewards deemed Lee's mount to have interfered with Dwyer's and that it had improved Bubbly Bailey's placing.
LINGFIELD: 12.10 Lucy Bee, 12.40 Emerging, 1.10 Roman Order, 1.45 Saloon, 2.20 Lowther, 2.55 Jacobs Son, 3.30 Baby Dottie.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 12.10 Lucy Bee, 12.40 Emerging, 1.10 Roman Order, 1.45 Saloon, 2.20 Lowther, 2.55 Jacobs Son, 3.30 Baby Dottie.
Emma Everingham Non-fiction WHY did the planners of our towns and cities swiftly forget the right angles of Roman order and geometry?
The gladiators were peoples marginal to the Roman order. Roman authority can assert itself only through mimicry.
Cultural conflation It seems, as a consequence, that at least elements of the Silurian aristocracy readily accepted the new Roman order. A telling piece of evidence is the "Paulinus stone" now in the church porch in Caerwent.
He notes that many of Luke's stories are embedded in Israel's social, political, and religious world and in the constant presence of the Roman order. Luke's advent lessons call the faithful to extricate themselves from the commercial enslavement of the "holiday season." Luke's Gospel disrupts the paganism of privilege and its hijacking of the Christmas story to legitimate the affluence of the powerful.
It was one of these tribes, which was led by his father, who was both a native and a member of the equestrian Roman order.