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also Ro·ma·noff  (rō′mə-nôf′, rō-mä′nəf, rə-)
Russian ruling dynasty (1613-1917) that began with the accession of Czar Michael (1596-1645; ruled 1613-1645) and ended with the abdication of Nicholas II during the Russian Revolution.


(ˈrəʊmənɒf; Russian raˈmanəf)
(Biography) any member of the Russian imperial dynasty that ruled from the crowning (1613) of Mikhail Fyodorovich to the abdication (1917) of Nicholas II during the February Revolution


or Ro•ma•noff

(ˈroʊ məˌnɔf, -ˌnɒf, roʊˈmɑ nəf)

1. a member of the imperial dynasty of Russia that ruled from 1613 to 1917.
2. Mikhail Feodorovich, 1596–1645, emperor of Russia 1613–45: first ruler of the house of Romanov.
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Noun1.Romanov - a member of the imperial family that ruled Russia
emperor - the male ruler of an empire
2.Romanov - the Russian imperial line that ruled from 1613 to 1917Romanov - the Russian imperial line that ruled from 1613 to 1917
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
royal family, royal house, royal line, royalty - royal persons collectively; "the wedding was attended by royalty"
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Prince Philip had a huge role in the murder mystery of the Romanovs in 1918.
Calling her book "a study of rulers and rulership," she skillfully synthesizes recent scholarship in Russia on the Romanovs and the pioneering work of Richard Wortman and others on the myths, ceremonies, architecture, and art of the Russian monarchy to argue that the Romanovs successfully pursued a family strategy of gathering power, legitimizing the dynasty in the eyes of their subjects, and establishing autocratic rule over their multinational empire (4).
Admittedly, much has been lost in the translation.The Romanovs like a joke and sometimes do not know when to shut up.But what they have is a fascinating new system which has yet to harvest real rewards.That is their strongest story and the stuff about monkeys and nuts is a needless distraction.
THE Hearts manager's job may look like a poisoned chalice but in Valdas Ivanauskas the Romanovs may have the ideal man for the job.
Valdas Ivanauskas, Lithuanian like the Romanovs, was swiftly appointed interim first-team coach until the end of the season.
The Scotland star's goal brought a hint of a smile to the faces of the Romanovs but they were off their seats when Rudi Skacel's effort sneaked in 20-odd minutes later.
These are only some of the questions which must be answered and it is time Hearts fans stopped letting the club's owners think they can smile and sweet talk their way through these troubled times, especially when Romanovs have caused most of the problems.
Instead, the Romanovs will continue to assess the market leaving coach John McGlynn in charge until they find the candidate they consider to be right for the club.
Labour's Anne Moffat, secretary of the Commons all-party group, who backed Foulkes's stance in resigning, said: "The Romanovs have big bucks and are riding roughshod over an historic club.
"When the Romanovs came in they were the only people that stopped the club from going into total decline.