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The ServeRAID-MR10k SAS/SATA adapter enables full ROMB for LSI 1078-based subsystems on high performance servers, including the IBM System x3950 M2 and x3850 M2 servers, the company said.
And from the first reading, one is struck by these very familiar words in Wolof: Hey yo, Di romb Bu me title Con tam Guep Kat...
Marvell's footprint is as little as one third the size of competitive solutions, making its controllers ideal for server RAID on motherboard (ROMB), and half-height board-level host adapter and RAID controller solutions.
LSI Logic provides a complete, proven-interoperable portfolio of SAS products, from controller ICs, industry-leading expanders and Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) to SAS RAID-on-Chip solutions, MegaRAID adapter cards and RAID on Motherboard (ROMB) solutions.