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(Placename) a borough of NE Greater London, formed in 1965 from Romford and Hornchurch (both previously in Essex). Pop: 224 600 (2003 est). Area: 120 sq km (46 sq miles)


(ˈheɪ vər ɪŋ)

a borough of Greater London, England. 237,200.
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Zeppelin just down in Essex, four aeroplanes between here and Romford.
Prior to Wallis's decision not to enter Adageo Bob at Romford this week, the track's racing manager Peter O'Dowd had admitted the crowd-pleaser was becoming something of a victim of his own success there.
Devils would have been right in the title hunt with a win at Romford, which would have been a tough prospect with a full-strength team.
Romford is in Essex where the struggle to separate dogs is a nightly problem for the local bouncers.
Savas Christodoulou, the man behind the Buddha Lounge nightclub in Romford, and former accountant to Pink Floyd, is conducting the Erotica 2010 event.
Having lived in nearby Brentwood some years ago, I can also confirm that Romford is a real 'twll' so maybe he's secretly envious of the 'inward looking upstarts' he mentions, who choose to make Wales their home and who are at least doing something positive to promote Wales and its language and they don't all live in North-West Wales either.
Devils hit back from a goal down to lead 3-1 against Romford, netting three times in less than three minutes, and they were still ahead after two periods.
He said: "I saw there was a goaltending crisis in Romford and they were in need of a number one netminder for the coming season.
Which may explain why Romford also guzzles the most champagne.
Strictly speaking, Romford is the hub of the London borough of Havering and not in the East End.
ENL coach Mark Cuddihy and his Devils team are hoping for a big attendance at Cardiff Bay Arena for the Romford match on Saturday.