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(Plants) a bushy type of poppy
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Noun1.Romneya - one species: matilija poppy
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
family Papaveraceae, Papaveraceae, poppy family - herbs or shrubs having milky and often colored juices and capsular fruits
California tree poppy, matilija poppy, Romneya coulteri - tall branching subshrub of California and Mexico often cultivated for its silvery-blue foliage and large fragrant white flowers
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White lupins, hydrangeas, romneya and dianthus will shimmer and have a cooling effect.
. Take root cuttings of Oriental poppies, verbascum, romneya and phlox.
Also blooming are native Romneya coulteri (pictured), which has fried egg-like blossoms, and 2- to 3-foot-tall African Impatiens niamniamensis, with "red-and-yellow flowers that look like candy corn," says Dry Garden owner Richard Ward.
During the dormant season, many species such as Acanthus (Bear's Britches), Aesculus (Horse Chestnut), Aralia, Chaenomeles (Flowering Quince), Eryngium (Sea Holly), Papaver (Poppy) Romneya (Californian Poppy) and Spiraea can be propagated by taking root cuttings.
One of Procter's most beautiful floral compositions, White Poppies (whereabouts unknown), presents just two stems of the glistening white tree poppy, Romneya coulteri, standing in a dark moulded ceramic jug.
Then there are bearded irises (Iris germanica and its hybrids), the Californian tree poppy (Romneya couteri) and the Daphnes - D.
mellifera Shrub Loasaceae Mentzelia micrantha Annual Onagraceae Camissonia californica Annual Papaveraceae Romneya coulteri Suffrutescent(*) Polemoniaceae Allophyllum glutinosum Annual Scrophulariaceae Antirrhinum coulterianum Annual A.
I shall also take a couple of pots of alliums and divide the bulbs for placing into the border with agapanthus and romneya for a great little display.
These include Japanese maples, caryopteris, some ceanothus and romneya.?
If you look at the leaves you see similarities with Sanguinaria canadensis, (Canadian bloodroot) and the root system has the same 'quest forth' attitude as Romneya coulteri, the California tree poppy.
Root cuttings can be used to propagate a wide range of perennials including Acanthus (Bear's Britches), Aesculus (Horse Chestnut), Chaenomeles (Flowering Quince), Eryngium (Sea Holly), Papaver (Poppy) and Romneya (Californian Poppy).