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Noun1.Ronald Reagan - 40th President of the United States (1911-2004)Ronald Reagan - 40th President of the United States (1911-2004)
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Sitting presidents Abraham Lincoln, James A Garfield, William McKinley and John F Kennedy all died at the hand of the assassin, whist Ronald Regan was lucky to survive.
In a statement the US 7th Fleet said the USS Ronald Regan aircraft carrier and two US destroyers would take part in the drill alongside South Korean Navy vessels.
President Ronald Regan loved hamburger soup and also kept jelly beans on his desk in the Oval Office and when he travelled on Air Force One.
Former President Ronald Regan withdrew the country from UNESCO in 1984, claiming it was biased in favour of the Soviet Union.
The historical castle, once home to the legendary Guinness family, offers five star luxury to those who have visited over the years, who have included former US President Ronald Regan to Princess Grace of Monaco to Hollywood royalty John Wayne, who stayed there during the shooting of the iconic film The Quiet Man.
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has embarked on an awareness outreach drive ahead of the start of Ronald Regan Washington National Airport building work called Project Journey.
While she chronicles the rise of the movement and its associated excitement, she also details its demise in the lackluster, conforming 1980s, as members adjusted to Ronald Regan in the White House, nuclear family living, nine-to-five jobs, disputes over property ownership, the War on Drugs, the gutting of the EPA, the removal of Jimmy Carter's solar panels, and the repeal of tax credits for home solar installation.
Don Wedewer's accomplishment would be recognized by Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Regan, George H.
Sweden, May 26 -- Sri Lanka presented its authentic culinary at the Annual Embassy Chef Challenge held on May 24th,at the International Trade Center in the Ronald Regan Building in Washington DC.
It held this status even at moments where it might have seemed easier to ridicule, like when a B-movie star, Ronald Regan, became its president.
To your words claiming the US could not support those who cut off heads of the US citizens, please find attached hereto a picture from Wikipedia "US President Ronald Regan meets a delegation of Afghani militants in the White House in 1983", Zakharova wrote.
He served in the administration of Former President Ronald Regan as a Pentagon official.