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Noun1.Sir Ronald Ross - British physician who discovered that mosquitos transmit malaria (1857-1932)
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Scotland boss Ronald Ross last night claimed his brave troops can leave Dublin with their heads held high despite crashing to a late defeat.
SHINTY: New Scotland coach Ronald Ross admits bringing Kyles striker Roddy MacDonald back into the international fold after a two-year absence was a priority.
Edited by Sherma Zibadi, Ronald Ross Watson, and Victor R.
In 1902, Sir Ronald Ross merited the Nobel Prize for Medicine in discovering the connection between a particular genus of mosquito, Anopheles, and malaria, the most widespread and deadly of vector-borne diseases.
Recently the company donated kitchens to Ronald Ross School in Wandsworth, the Pontefract Collieries Football Club in South Yorkshire, The Burnt Oak Community Centre in Barnet and The Harrogate Homeless Project in Harrogate.
Liverpool University formally unveiled the cutting-edge Ronald Ross building at its Institute of Infection and Global Health yesterday.
Although some sources translate Anopheles as "harmful," it would be decades before Ronald Ross showed in 1897 that these mosquitoes transmit malaria parasites, and Meigen was most likely using Anopheles in a more literal interpretation as "useless.
Sir Ronald Ross discovered the method of transmission of which disease?
of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson) and Ronald Ross Watson (U.
A few months later Ronald Ross arrived to see Manson.