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 (rŏn′sə-vălz′, rôn′thĕs-väl′yĕs)
A mountain pass, 1,057 m (3,468 ft) high, through the western Pyrenees in northern Spain. According to tradition, the Frankish hero Roland died there fighting the Basques during Charlemagne's retreat from a failed campaign against the Moors (778).
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(ˈrɒnsəˌvælz; Spanish rɔnθesˈβaʎes)
(Placename) a village in N Spain, in the Pyrenees: a nearby pass was the scene of the defeat of Charlemagne and death of Roland in 778. French name: Roncevaux
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(ˌrɒn səsˈvɑ yɛs, ˈrɒn səˌvælz)

a village in N Spain, in the Pyrenees: defeat of part of Charlemagne's army and the death of Roland A.D. 788. French, Ronce•vaux (rɔ̃sˈvoʊ)
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From the Feast of the Epiphany there was mustering and massing, until, in the first week of February--three days after the White Company joined the army--the word was given for a general advance through the defile of Roncesvalles. At five in the cold winter's morning the bugles were blowing in the hamlet of St.
As far as eye could see from among the rocky gorges and the bristles of the pine woods there came the quick twinkle and glitter of steel, while the wind brought with it sudden distant bursts of martial music from the great host which rolled by every road and by-path towards the narrow pass of Roncesvalles. On the cliffs on either side might also be seen the flash of arms and the waving of pennons where the force of Navarre looked down upon the army of strangers who passed through their territories.
So through the sunny winter day the chivalry of England poured down through the dark pass of Roncesvalles to the plains of Spain.
He thought more of Bernardo del Carpio because at Roncesvalles he slew Roland in spite of enchantments, availing himself of the artifice of Hercules when he strangled Antaeus the son of Terra in his arms.
He tried to make us act plays and to enter into masquerades, in which the characters were drawn from the heroes of Roncesvalles, of the Round Table of King Arthur, and the chivalrous train who shed their blood to redeem the holy sepulchre from the hands of the infidels.
I touched their dust-covered faces with my finger, but Dagobert was deader than the sixteen centuries that have passed over him, Clovis slept well after his labor for Christ, and old Charlemagne went on dreaming of his paladins, of bloody Roncesvalles, and gave no heed to me.
The other pilgrims were guided along one of the routes towards the Roncesvalles hostel where they reportedly stayed the night.
Father Donostia was the first in Lecaroz to collect music by earlier Basque composers, including the chapel master of Calahorra, Roncesvalles, Pamplona, Tudela, and others, with special attention to Juan de Anchieta, Basque harpsichordists, and Juan Crisostomo Arriaga, in addition to other composers of his time.
We make it to Roncesvalles and find our first albergue, an enormous