Ronne Ice Shelf

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Ron·ne Ice Shelf

 (rō′nə, rŏn′ə)
An area of shelf ice in western Antarctica south of the Weddell Sea.
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Ron′ne Ice′ Shelf`

(ˈroʊ nə)
an ice barrier in Antarctica, in SW Weddell Sea, bordered by Ellsworth Land on the NW and Berkner Island on the E.
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The two men set off from the Ronne Ice Shelf after poor weather delayed their start for several days.
Over the next few days the team sets out on multiple exploratory climbing trips that vary from hard technical ascents to magnificent ridge traverses with views over the Ronne Ice Shelf and Polar Plateau.
The four-time Wales cap - who is aiming to raise pounds 1m in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care through his 737 Challenge, which officially ends this month - plans to ski from the Hercules Inlet, on the southwest margin of the Ronne Ice Shelf, to the geographic South Pole.
She announced her victory on Twitter from the Ronne Ice Shelf, saying she was "very proud".
Later, at her request, the name was changed to the Ronne Ice Shelf, to match the name of the Ross Ice Shelf and to honor her husband and his father, a member of the Roald Amundsen expedition that reached the South Pole in 1911.
Ray Zahab said he and his teammates completed the 700-mile journey from Hercules Inlet on Antarctica's Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole in 33 days, 23 hours and 30 minutes, finally arriving on Thursday.
David will install receivers on the vast Ronne ice shelf, which is about the same size as France.
A team of adventurers has successfully completed the first coast to coast manhauling traverse of Antarctica, from the Ross Ice Shelf to the Ronne Ice Shelf via the Trans-Antarctic Mountains and the South Pole.
Around 300 drums were delivered to the Ronne Ice Shelf earlier this year in a massive operation involving an Antarctic Survey ship, the Royal Navy's HMS Endurance and a helicopter.
The Canadians' journey took them from Hercules Inlet on Antarctica's Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole.
In October 1998 an iceberg four times the size of that which calved from the Larsen-B ice shelf broke off from the Ronne ice shelf and in March this year a Northern Ireland-sized piece of ice tore away from the Ross ice shelf.
They recently measured the crack resistance of ice cores drilled from the Ronne Ice Shelf, an ice mass south of Larsen B along the peninsula.