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n.1.(Zool.) An American marine food fish (Bathymaster signatus) of the North Pacific coast, allied to the tilefish.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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USS Ronquil SS-396: Richard "Ozzie" Osentoski (734) 671-3439;
heluomaculatus) (249) ** unidentified ronquil (Bathymasteridae) (16) ** unidentified mottled sculpin (Cottidae) unidentified sculpin (Cottidae) unidentified mottled poacher (Agonidae) kelp greenling (Hexagrammos decagrammus) Significantly more abundant during night sharpchin rockfish (S.
Although there is precedent for combining plural modifiers with nouns to form compound modifying words (e.g., 'spottedtail goosefish', 'spottedfin tonguefish', and 'stripedfin ronquil') in Robins et al.
McCard DD822: Phil Patterson (804) 264-1138 USS Robinson DD562 (all shipmates & officers): Robert Ferguson (815) 838-6395 USS Rocky Mount AGC-3: John Vreeland (858) 277-0689 USS Ronquil SS-396: Basil Kio (973) 334-7984 USS Ross DD563: Lloyd D.
snailfish 2 Liparis fucensis Slipskin snailfish 1 Liparis pulchellus Showy snailfish 2 Carangidae Trachurus symmetricus Jack mackerel 15 Bathymasteridae Ronquilis jordani Northern ronquil 1 Pholidae Pholis spp.
Infrequently sighted fishes included those in the families Pholidae (gunnels, 6%), Cottidae (sculpins, 3%), Pleuronectidae (flatfishes, 2%), and others (including ronquils, searchers, and unidentified fishes, 5%).