room tone

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wildtrack, room tone - The wildtrack or room tone consists of the barely audible noises that make up a background sense of quiet.
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"Just let us bathe in all the clock-ticking and room tone that's in that mansion."
"Like, no, you literally can't move because we need the room tone, we need the breeze through the trees, we need the corn, we need the barn.
Sometimes that means taking a feed from a mixing board and adding a little bit of room tone with a second microphone.
"Room tone," or "presence," in filmic parlance, is shorthand for ambient "silence," the specific quality of background noise at an actor's position, recorded to convincingly render his or her voice.
One way or another, the Spin Room tone seems here to stay, and it's a tone that betrays a clear generational divide in the punditariat.
And now that the house is gone, it's probably the remembered room that he is fighting for, the room whose lingering space defines that fragile presence we call identity, forever humming in our internal ear, like the sound that film editors refer to as "room tone."
There's just a little ambient sound, some room tone.
In order to fix problems such as hollow room tones and distracting background noises, Pardo used the ProTools HD2 system accompanied by Waves plug-ins and Cedar DNS One.
The CD contains additional resources, including examples of different microphone positions, various microphone polar positions, reverberant rooms, hard effects, ambiences, and room tones, and additional utility files, a 20db tone, and a three beep ADR cue track.
The Cedar DNS One allows me to drastically reduce noisy room tones or background traffic.