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A trademark for a soft cheese made from sheep's milk and ripened in caves near Roquefort, France.


(Cookery) a blue-veined cheese with a strong flavour, made from ewes' milk: matured in caves
[C19: named after Roquefort, village in S France]


(ˈroʊk fərt)
Trademark. a strong-flavored cheese veined with blue mold, made from sheep's milk.
[1830–40; after Roquefort, village in S France (Aveyron), where the cheese is made]
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Noun1.Roquefort - French blue cheese
bleu, blue cheese - cheese containing a blue mold
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Contract notice: Assistance to project management for the project of restructuring and extension of the ehpad residence of the moors (labastide d~armagnac & roquefort 40)
Roquefort cheese is made from the milk of which animal?
de roquefort * 4 peras de agua * 4 huevos * 8 cucharadas de nata liquida * 1/2 manojo de cebollino * 100 gr.
Because it's not as sharp as the French Roquefort or the Spanish Cabrales, Cambozola is a good introduction to the world of blue cheeses.
NEW The Musketeers BBC1, 9pm The sword-buckling, one-for-alling trio return as Premises, Argos and The Other One rescue the Count of Roquefort and hear that General Foie Gras has been captured.
The chicken wings are served with barbeque, spicy and Roquefort sauce, while the mushrooms are cooked in garlic butter and tomato sauce with melted cheese.
We visited the largest of the manufacturers, Societe, which produce much of the Roquefort we eat in the UK.
ROQUEFORT could guard against cardiovascular disease, Cambridge researchers have found.
London, December 18 ( ANI ): A new research has revealed the secret to why the French enjoy good health - Roquefort cheese.
Roquefort is thought to be the reason why the French enjoy good health despite a diet high in saturated fats.
4 Roquefort, Beaufort and Chaource are all cheeses that originate from which country?
The suspension of these duties, which concerned first and foremost France, Germany, Denmark and Italy, will enable these and other member states to sell chocolate, pork, Roquefort cheese, mustard, onions and truffles and other products to the US and Canada at competitive prices.