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A trademark for a soft cheese made from sheep's milk and ripened in caves near Roquefort, France.


(Cookery) a blue-veined cheese with a strong flavour, made from ewes' milk: matured in caves
[C19: named after Roquefort, village in S France]


(ˈroʊk fərt)
Trademark. a strong-flavored cheese veined with blue mold, made from sheep's milk.
[1830–40; after Roquefort, village in S France (Aveyron), where the cheese is made]
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Noun1.Roquefort - French blue cheese
bleu, blue cheese - cheese containing a blue mold
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"The factory will produce cheese of the Roquefort type.
As we continue our wee series of summer salad dishes, I've made a tasty seared steak and avocado salad with Roquefort.
Enjoy it with a soft blue cheese such as Roquefort or with pate.
Roquefort cheese is made from the milk of which animal?
SKIRT STEAK with PORT and ROQUEFORT SERVES 4/40 MINUTES Skirt steak cooks quickly, making it ideal for weeknights; a velvety wine sauce gives it a special-occasion touch.
There's young cheese, aged cheese, hard cheeses like Gouda and Parmigiano Reggiano, soft ones like Camembert, and the blues (Roquefort, Stilton).
Roquefort cheese, Parma ham and the pasties have protected status which means only foods originating from a certain place can carry regional identity labels.
The chicken wings are served with barbeque, spicy and Roquefort sauce, while the mushrooms are cooked in garlic butter and tomato sauce with melted cheese.
I knew instantly where we should go; Roquefort. Famous across the world for its terrific blue cheese, the little village of Roquefort-Sur-Soulzon is a remarkable place.
ROQUEFORT could guard against cardiovascular disease, Cambridge researchers have found.
In the present paper we report that Roquefort cheese extract inhibits propagation of C.
London, December 18 ( ANI ): A new research has revealed the secret to why the French enjoy good health - Roquefort cheese.