Roquefort cheese

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Roque`fort´ cheese

n.1.A highly flavored blue-molded cheese, made at Roquefort, department of Aveyron, France. It is made from milk of ewes, sometimes with cow's milk added, and is cured in caves. Improperly, a cheese made in imitation of it.
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Roquefort cheese and Kobe beef are also foodstuffs that are renowned for their authenticity and class.
It would not just slash the already low trade tariffs between the world's two top economies, but crucially it would also harmonise regulations to an unprecedented degree, affecting goods and services as far-ranging as Roquefort cheese and accounting.
Roquefort cheese, Parma ham and the pasties have protected status which means only foods originating from a certain place can carry regional identity labels.
Many of the items here have become classics, including deviled eggs and her burger topped with Roquefort cheese.
Menu includes Salt Cod Croquette With Aoli; Grilled Zucchini Salad With Roquefort Cheese, Walnuts and Banyuls Vinaigrette; Braised Pork Shoulder With Fennel, Peppers and Olives or Fish and Shellfish Stew With Tomato, Chilies and Garlic over Saffron Rice; Basque Sheep's Milk Cheese With Cherries; and Custard-Filled Cake With Apricot Compote.
6 In a large serving bowl, mix together the lettuce, tomato and avocado pieces, the crumbled Roquefort cheese and the cooked bacon pieces.
For centuries French-made Roquefort cheese has been matured in natural caves where ideal humidity and temperature conditions allowed native blue green molds to flourish.
Hints and Tips Stilton, Ribblesdale Blue or Roquefort cheese can be used instead of the creamier blue cheeses.
A very moreish wine that would happily suit a plate of roquefort cheese or some rich pate as well as Hywel's pudding, which was an amazing conclusion to memorable meal.
Roquefort, Pear & Walnut Quiche For the pastry: 175g plain flour 75g chilled butter, diced Chilled water A pinch of Maldon salt For the filling: 110g Roquefort cheese, crumbled A handful fresh walnuts 2 small, ripe pears (I prefer Rocha or Forelle) a little extra-virgin olive oil 3 fresh, free-range eggs, lightly beaten 120ml double cream For the salad: Bitter salad leaves (endive, radicchio, frisee) A little lemon juice a little extra-virgin olive oil Extras: 1 9-inch tart case Baking parchment Baking beans (dried beans, lentils or even old pennies will do) Method: First, make the pastry.
The subject of the public contract for services associated with the maintenance of public green areas in a part of town TrebE[degrees]c - west - ie district and Borovina TrebE[degrees]c - chateau, ie park, Chateau Roquefort cheese, in the street area above the castle, and the northern castle moat at the castle.
London, December 18 ( ANI ): A new research has revealed the secret to why the French enjoy good health - Roquefort cheese.