Roquefort cheese

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Roque`fort´ cheese

n.1.A highly flavored blue-molded cheese, made at Roquefort, department of Aveyron, France. It is made from milk of ewes, sometimes with cow's milk added, and is cured in caves. Improperly, a cheese made in imitation of it.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Roquefort cheese is made from the milk of which animal?
Notable products afforded GI status include Roquefort cheese and Parma ham.
They also have a Francophile, inspired by flavors of the French, using Bearnaise sauce, Roquefort cheese and an onion confit with sauvignon blanc.
Little Roquefort cheese morsels rolled in crushed nuts.
The then president received a tsunami of popular protest and vowed to protect iconic products like Champagne, and Roquefort cheese.
Himself decided to go completely off piste and order a pizza with the unusual toppings of lemon chicken, Roquefort cheese, pine nuts and rocket.
Jakoby is played by Joel Edgerton and he is made to look like a hunk of Roquefort cheese rotting on an August afternoon.
Which animal's milk is used to make Roquefort cheese? A Ewe B Calf C Doe D Heifer 10.
Roquefort cheese and Kobe beef are also foodstuffs that are renowned for their authenticity and class.
Darjeeling Tea, Roquefort Cheese, and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee are known GIs in the world.
It would not just slash the already low trade tariffs between the world's two top economies, but crucially it would also harmonise regulations to an unprecedented degree, affecting goods and services as far-ranging as Roquefort cheese and accounting.