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a.1.Of or pertaining to dew; resembling dew; dewy.
Roric figures
(Physics) figures which appear upon a polished surface, as glass, when objects which have been near to, or in contact with, the surface are removed and the surface breathed upon; - called also Moser's images.
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President Kiir should by now know very well who are fit for his 10 ministers and perhaps 3 deputy ministers for the time of peace in addition to the small share he shall give to those of Martin Elia Lomuro, Joseph Ukel and Bishop Gabriel Roric, perhaps.
The last pitcher to hit a homer in the Junior Circuit before the start of the DH Era was rookie Roric Harrison, who hit one for the Orioles in Cleveland on October 3, 1972.
The split came about after Gabriel Roric Jur, bishop of Rumbek in south Sudan, refused to obey a church order that bishops must live in their dioceses.
Pictured l-r: Roric Tobin, Geoffrey Bradfield; Todd Cohen, The Icon Group; Joan Finkelstein, Fox-Miller Marketing Services; Terrence Lowenberg, The Icon Group; Reba Miller, Fox-Miller Marketing Services and Barbara Fox, Fox-Miller Marketing Services.
When the two principles are put together, co-existence and dialogue people arrive to religious tolerance; tolerance is the practice of allowing religious freedom of worship" (Bishop Roric, in ElNager, 1993).
Southwest Nebraska farmer, Roric Paulman, produces popcorn, field corn, white and yellow food-grade corn, soybeans, sugar beets, wheat, and pinto beans on 1,000 acres of dryland cropland and 5,000 of irrigated cropland.
Bishop Gabriel Roric, who is also an official in the Islamic-led government, told the mostly Christian residents of Hay Baraka that the bishops would meet with top officials and demand compensation, alternative land and guarantees against similar incidents.
Martin Tako, the chairperson of United Democratic Salvation Front currently leads the group, whose membership comprises of Bishop Gabriel Roric Jur, member of National Congress Party in South Sudan, Wilson Lodiong Sebit, vice president for African National Congress and th National Democratic Front chairman, James Aniceto Batikaya.
One bishop, Gabriel Roric Jur, works with the foreign ministry in Khartoum; another, Peter el-Birish, received 80 strokes of the lash for alleged adultery.
Those who withdrew from the talks include, Martin Tako Moyi, chairman of United Democratic Salvation Front, Bishop Gabriel Roric Jur, a member of the National Congress Party in South Sudan, Wilson Lodiong Sebit, the vice-president for African Nation Congress and James Aniceto Batikayo, the chairman of National Democratic Front.