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 (ro͝or′ĭk, ro͞o′rĭk) Died c. 879.
Scandinavian warrior and the founder of the dynasty that ruled Russia until 1598.


(ˈrʊərɪk) or


(Biography) died 879. Varangian (Scandinavian Viking) leader who founded the Russian monarchy. He gained control over Novgorod (?862) and his dynasty, the Rurikids, ruled until 1598


(ˈrʊər ɪk)

died a.d. 879, Scandinavian prince: considered the founder of the Russian monarchy.
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Amac: Bu calismada farkli iki stabilizasyon sistemine sahip asferik Balafilcon A ve sferik Senofilcon A rorik lenslerinin gorme kalitesi uzerine olan etkilerinin degerlendirilmesi amaclandi.
The PS1,000 prize donated by RCA Friends was jointly awarded to Wanda Zyborska for her sculpture Presence II and Rorik Smith for his panoramic drawing Ex Libris Old College.
Early in the novel, King Rorik (Gertrude's father) refers to both Hamlet and Claudius as "fine specimens of our northern vigor--blond beasts, one could say" (4).