Rorippa amphibia

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Noun1.Rorippa amphibia - perennial herb found on streams and riversides throughout Europe except extreme north and Mediterranean; sometimes placed in genus Nasturtium
watercress - any of several water-loving cresses
genus Rorippa, Rorippa - annual and perennial herbs of damp habitats; cosmopolitan except Antarctica
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Alongside the already dominating Phragmites, a remarkable increase was observed in the frequency of Phalaris arundinacea, Glyceria maxima, Sium latifolium, Agrostis stolonifera, and Rorippa amphibia. It is notable that among the hydrophytes mainly the frequency of the plants of sheltered habitats, such as Spirodela, Hydrocharis, Lemna, Nuphar, Ceratophyllum, Sparganium, Stratiotes, and Elodea increased (Table 3).
mitis), y 4) incluir en cantidades variables especies caracteristicas de Bidentetea, o companeras, que no alcanzan nuestro territorio del noroeste iberico como Oenanthe aquatica, Rorippa amphibia, Poa palustris o Rumex palustris.