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Noun1.Rorschach - a projective tests using bilaterally symmetrical inkblots; subjects state what they see in the inkblot
projective device, projective technique, projective test - any personality test designed to yield information about someone's personality on the basis of their unrestricted response to ambiguous objects or situations
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The newly released clip opens with a character wearing a mask similar to that worn by Rorschach, from the original comic series.
Rorschachiana: Journal of the International Society for Rorschach; Volume 39 / Issues 1 & 2 / 2018
The pictographs read like nature-administered Rorschach tests, with interpretations revealing themselves after prolonged analysis.
Effectively barring use of sexual orientation testing as an invasion of "the most intimate aspects" of life, the Court of Justice found that the unidentified man from Nigeria should not have been pressured into examinations that included drawing a picture of a person in the rain and the Rorschach ink-blot test.
The Inkblots: Hermann Rorschach, His Iconic Test, and the Power of Seeing, by Damion Searls.
Indicadores de transtornos que podem ser encontrados nos resultados do Rorschach, tais como disturbios de percepcao e pensamento (PTI), perturbacoes na organizacao do ego (EII-2) nao diferenciaram os grupos dos adolescentes e dos adultos; nao foram encontradas diferencas estatisticamente significativas em WSum6 e embora com diferenca no Nivel 2 dos Codigos Especiais, as medias dessa variavel foram muito baixas em ambos os grupos.
Additionally, the Rorschach, H-F-Ds, sentence completion methods, and the TAT were ranked among the top 15 tests in all but 3 of these 28 studies.