Rosa damascena

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Noun1.Rosa damascena - large hardy very fragrant pink roseRosa damascena - large hardy very fragrant pink rose; cultivated in Asia Minor as source of attar of roses; parent of many hybrids
rose, rosebush - any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses
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A lovely formula created with the "whole essential oil of 45 kilograms of rosa damascena petals and 10,000 cold-pressed cloudberry and raspberry seeds in every bottle.
There are four main fragrant species of roses grown for essential oil production in Pakistan with Rosa damascena as top ranked and extensively cultivated in Bulgaria (70-80%), China, Turkey, Russia and India (Nasir et al.
Possible mechanism of inotropic and chronotropic effects of Rosa damascena on isolated guinea pig heart.
Bulgariaas Agriculture Minister pointed out that traditional plant varieties such as the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and lavender would be supported under the program.
Effects of different plant growth regulators and time of pruning on yield components of Rosa damascena Mill.
I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of Rosa damascena (damask rose), because this is a herb we seldom see included and yet it is a very useful and commonly overlooked herb.
The Rosa damascena oils produced in other countries simply do not measure up.
In this paper we describe an optimal protocol for multiplication of Rosa damascena Mill through high frequency axillary shoot proliferation from nodal explants.
Iran exports 15 to 20 Kilograms of Rosa Damascena oil which is very rare flower oil which costs over $6,000 per Kilogram.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform and the Institute of Cooperation University (ICU) in Italy on Wednesday signed a memo of understanding (MOU) to increase areas planted with Rosa Damascena and develop local societies in Damascus Countryside, Deir Ezzor and Idleb governorates.
The essence of it, Otto, forms the basis of most superior perfumes and Rosa damascena is cultivated extensively in Bulgaria.