Rosa multiflora

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Noun1.Rosa multiflora - vigorously growing rose having clusters of numerous small flowersRosa multiflora - vigorously growing rose having clusters of numerous small flowers; used for hedges and as grafting stock
rose, rosebush - any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses
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Two native (Rubus strigosus and Cornus foemina) and four invasive species (Elaeagnus umbellata, Lonicera maackii, Rhamnus cathartica, and Rosa multiflora) were studied.
(2012) also observed that the dry biomass of the buds on rosebush cuttings (Rosa multiflora L.) was greater when a mixture of tested substrates was used than when the commercial substrate was employed.
Invasive species, e.g., Alliaria petiolala and Rosa multiflora, were also generally uncommon in these forests, even in areas affected by local disturbances such as deer trails, trash dumps, and canopy gaps, although older plots generally had lower invasive presence than younger ones.
In the present research work, we report the anticancer and apoptotic inducing effects of rosamultic acid (A-ring contracted triterpenoid) isolated from the roots of Rosa multiflora, in human gastric cancer (SGC-7901) cells.
If you have wild and weedy Japanese roses (Rosa multiflora) on your property, take time this fall to prune them to the ground or remove them totally.
There are so many cultivars to choose from, most with Rosa wichurana or Rosa multiflora in their parentage, that it is difficult to know which to mention.
In the absence of grazing, most shallow wetlands give way to woody vegetation or dense thickets of exotic invasive plants like multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora).