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Noun1.Rosales - in some classifications this category does not include LeguminosaeRosales - in some classifications this category does not include Leguminosae
plant order - the order of plants
Connaraceae, family Connaraceae, zebrawood family - mostly tropical climbing shrubs or small trees; closely related to Leguminosae
Connarus, genus Connarus - large genus of tropical trees and shrubs; type genus of the Connaraceae
Fabaceae, family Fabaceae, family Leguminosae, legume family, Leguminosae, pea family - a large family of trees, shrubs, vines, and herbs bearing bean pods; divided for convenience into the subfamilies Caesalpiniaceae; Mimosaceae; Papilionaceae
Rosidae, subclass Rosidae - a group of trees and shrubs and herbs mostly with polypetalous flowers; contains 108 families including Rosaceae; Crassulaceae; Myrtaceae; Melastomaceae; Euphorbiaceae; Umbelliferae
family Rosaceae, Rosaceae, rose family - a large family of dicotyledonous plants of order Rosales; have alternate leaves and five-petaled flowers with numerous stamens
Cephalotaceae, family Cephalotaceae - a family of plants of order Rosales; coextensive with the genus Cephalotus
Crassulaceae, family Crassulaceae, stonecrop family - succulent shrubs and herbs
cunonia family, Cunoniaceae, family Cunoniaceae - trees or shrubs or climbers; mostly southern hemisphere
family Hydrangeaceae, hydrangea family, Hydrangeaceae - sometimes included in the family Saxifragaceae
family Saxifragaceae, Saxifragaceae, saxifrage family - a large and diverse family of evergreen or deciduous herbs; widely distributed in northern temperate and cold regions; sometimes includes genera of the family Hydrangeaceae
family Grossulariaceae, gooseberry family, Grossulariaceae - in some classifications considered a part of the family Saxifragaceae: plants whose fruit is a berry
family Platanaceae, plane-tree family, Platanaceae - coextensive with the genus Platanus: plane trees
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San Diego, CA, May 27, 2011 --( White Digital Media, the leading digital business news source for C-level executives across the globe, announced today the promotion of Robert Rosales, former Social Media Coordinator, to Marketing Coordinator.
Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales reiterated the rally's theme, "Filipinos, unite under God for life," when he officiated a mass at the Quirino grandstand on Manila's central Luneta Park.
With The Halfway House, Ouillermo Rosales joins the pantheon of the very best Cuban writers, Jose Lezama Lima, Virgilio Pifiera, and Reinaldo Arenas.
Manuel Rosales sought asylum in Peru earlier this month after corruption charges were filed against him over his 2002-2004 term as governor of the state of Zulia.
Cuba has named Sugar Minister Ulises Rosales del Toro to run the Ministry of Agriculture and ordered massive tracts of land no longer producing sugar moved to his jurisdiction in the latest phase of the industry's restructuring.
Antonio Rosales, voted among the top 10 Hispanic hairstylists in the U.S.
Joe Rosales, of Lee Odell Real Estate, closed on the sale of the six-story elevator building earlier this month.
"Quien dijo que no se puede?" Rosa Rosales is a woman full of courage and energy who believes that key word of success is "Persistence".
Manila -- Among the new cardinals installed by Pope Benedict XVI at the March 24, 2006 consistory was Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales of Manila.
Venezuela's opposition parties have closed ranks behind the governor of the northwestern state of Zulia, Manuel Rosales, as their sole candidate to stand against President Hugo Chavez in December.