Auguste Rodin

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Noun1.Auguste Rodin - French sculptor noted for his renderings of the human form (1840-1917)Auguste Rodin - French sculptor noted for his renderings of the human form (1840-1917)
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Auguste Rodin, the revolutionary French sculptor, gets the spotlight in this biographical drama, which centers on his relationship with his partner Rose Beuret and colleague Camille Claudel.
La extraordinaria artista permanecio en la sombra, de su madre, de su hermano, el poeta Paul Claudel y del propio Rodin, quien siempre mantuvo relaciones con sus modelos sin dejar a su companera de vida Rose Beuret.
Y creo otra donde se puede ver a una persona mitad angel y mitad demonio que representa a la esposa de Rodin, Rose Beuret, quien se esta llevando a Rodin, se llama La edad madura.
Camille's despair over Rodin's loyalty to his longtime companion, the seamstress Rose Beuret, is more than just theorized: it's physically manifested through the fleeting embodiment of one of her sculptures, L'Age mur (The Age of Maturity).
As a Rodin scholar and author of the acclaimed biography, Rodin: The Shape of Genius (1996), Ruth Butler had decades of biographical research and contemplation to draw on for her chapter on Rose Beuret.