Rose color

the color of a rose; pink; hence, a beautiful hue or appearance; fancied beauty, attractiveness, or promise.

See also: Rose

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
"Have you heard the Maltishtcheva woman--the mother, not the daughter--has ordered a costume in diable rose color?"
The Pink Gold color was similar to the iPhone's Rose color, which was launched with the iPhone 6s.
While the company added about 30 new mercury glass items overall, about eight were of a rose color, which has been getting a positive response, Hong added.
Styli-Style Lip Stain in Nile, $6.50, Love the rose color, and the concept of a lip-gloss marker is genius!
Tony & Tina Herbal Cheek Gel in Unmentionable Love, $15 Pump a dab onto your finger, and blend for a sheer rose color that stays right where you want it (the apples of your cheeks) without wearing off.
The drama "Rose Colored Glass" will be presented over two weekends in February by the Gallery Theater of West Chicago.
Lo and behold, Beeula taps the Magic Sceptre three times and says the magic words,"Let everyone know the magic of Halloween" and magic dust brings along candy corn, rose colored glasses, a black cat costume for Pumpkin-Puss, Beeula's Halloween-challenged cat, pumpkin flashlights, trick or treat bags, and a huge black owl named Hootie!
More than 6,500 people from across the country have signed on to the campaign via El-Buri's page on Facebook, including young Muslim men who will wear rose colored caps or shirts to show solidarity.
For the blinded Bush followers, he could say the grass is green one day and pink the next and they would run for their rose colored glasses and proclaim that he is right.
The building's stone base supports a glass and steel canopy which, in combination with the facade of rose colored brick and metal panels, creates a sleek profile contrasting cool and earthy materials.
"We've also reclad the columns in a polished steel and added a rose colored wood accent on the walls and in the elevator vestibule." The final touch will be the installation of a new canopy at the 49th Street entrance, which will give it "more prominence."
The major architectural vocabulary of the design, alternating vertical columns of rose colored granite and grey tinted glass, is firmly set at the base of the building.