Rose color

the color of a rose; pink; hence, a beautiful hue or appearance; fancied beauty, attractiveness, or promise.

See also: Rose

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com Love the rose color, and the concept of a lip-gloss marker is genius
The rose color means don't lose heart; the joy will be that much greater when the day comes.
The Bikes include an S&S polished 96-inch cubic engine with right side drive, six-speed transmission, a drop-seat frame, and emblazoned with Tequila Rose logo in a distinctive rose color.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Red is the rose color of choice for traditional romantics, but roses of other colors are gaining ground.
Tony & Tina Herbal Cheek Gel in Unmentionable Love, $15 Pump a dab onto your finger, and blend for a sheer rose color that stays right where you want it (the apples of your cheeks) without wearing off.
It's emblazoned with the Tequila Rose logo in a distinctive rose color.
Still stated: "The Company today has approximately $3 million in cash, is operating at essentially breakeven, has stabilized the operations of its Rose Color dye manufacturing subsidiary in Newark N.
The agreement will provide IDIE the option to own up to 51% of Rose Color after conversion of the debentures upon payment of an additional undisclosed sum.
com you can find Valentine's Day planning tips and information such as who Saint Valentine was and how this name came to be associated with the holiday, what each rose color symbolizes, how to plan a romantic date, and even what crafts you can do with kids.
Easily recognizable by its rose color and stepped architecture, the building is a landmark in the downtown Tampa market and is within walking distance of the Tampa Convention Center, dining, hotels and retail shopping.
Struthers said today that the contingency requirements for the completion of the asset purchase, which include the divestiture of Struthers subsidiary Rose Color, Inc.