Rose lake

a rich tint prepared from lac and madder precipitated on an earthy basis.

See also: Rose

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This Las Vegas home is a part of the Rose Lake subdivision of North Las Vegas.
Rose Lake and Ben Rymer, upper sixth form pupils at the pounds 18,000-a-year independent Bromsgrove School, have scooped the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Award.
They perform two of his works ( The Birthday Suite for Prince Charles and The Rose Lake ( and end with Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.
The Rose Lake, Tippett's last orchestral piece, paints a serene, exotic and colourful picture of Le Lac Rose in Senegal.
The second half wasn't much better, although Tippett's The Rose Lake contained brief moments of harmony.
There we encountered a serpentine 200-foot drop to Rose Lake, accessible to able-bodied adventurers via several hundred narrow snowpacked wooden stairs.
The first essay in part 3, "Archetypes of Concert Music," emphasizes Tippett's career-long impulse to redefine traditional genres, following the development of style and structure in his concert works, from the Concerto for Double String Orchestra (1938-39) through The Rose Lake (1993).
Past static villages wiping the sleep from their eyes where dogs and sheep sniff for something to eat and children urinate against tree with the innocence of cows coming at last to Rose Lake.
A masterly climax came with Tippett's The Rose Lake, a moving farewell from one of the century's undoubted greats.
"The years had not dimmed his enthusiasm for composition and performance, indeed he had a wonderfully rich and varied Indian Summer, giving us works as diverse as the Fourth Quartet, The Mask of Time , The Rose Lake and The Blue Guitar .