Rose noble

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an ancient English gold coin, stamped with the figure of a rose, first struck in the reign of Edward III., and current at 6s. 8d.

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I bought it for two rose nobles from a shipman who came from the Levant.
SETH has a SORE TOOTH she kept TABS on the TEA BAGS he had a LATE NIGHT in LENT HOME RULE is HERE it's TEA TIME at the TATE the HIVE BEE feeds on the HEBE plant the rifle TEAM TAKE AIM ALF'S on ALL FOURS TED'S walking on THE DOWNS her FACE LIFT FELT odd they played a FINE TUNE at the FETE she's called the 'MINI SKIRTS MISS' PETE has a PINE TREE in his garden the hermit wanted to STAY SHUT AWAY at TWO OCLOCK, he TOOK a break ROSE NOBLE has a sister RENE play the SAME AGAIN SEAN TAKE the TEA KETTLE not the CORE, but a CAMEO, ROLE LANCE WOOD was LEWD there was an aura of FREE SPIRIT at the FEST did LEAR have a LOVE AFFAIR ?
The stud also retains control over two siblings to Grand Lodge, including Rose Noble, who has already bred the Listed winner Dowager.