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n.1.(Min.) A hydrous arsenite of cobalt, occuring in small red crystals, allied to erythrite.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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All these new finds were from Morocco, including a few of the erythrites, some nice roselite from the Agoudal quarry, Bou Azzer district, some cute loose clusters of azurite from Kerouchen, and a few acanthites from Imiter.
Bou Azzer has produced the world's finest specimens of erythrite, roselite, roselite-beta, talmessite, wendwilsonite, skutterudite and gersdorffite.
These classic localities have produced the world's finest specimens of erythrite, roselite, roselite-beta, talmessite, wendwilsonite, skutterudite and gersdorffite.
They're all here, in multiple samples ranging in quality from "study grade" to absolutely superb: Freiberg acanthite and stephanite, Schneeberg proustite and erythrite and roselite and uranium-bearing species, Andreasberg pyrargyrite and dyscrasite and fluorite and pink apophyllite, Siegerland malachite and anglesite and millerite and galena, Schwarzwald fluorite and barite and silver, Obermoschel cinnabar and moschellandsbergite, Ems pyromorphite and cerussite, Johanngeorgenstadt mimetite, Ohrenstock hausmannite, Fichtelgebirge topaz and microcline and herderite, Ehrenfriedersdorf cassiterite and fluorapatite, Ilfeld manganite, Ronneburg whewellite, Hagendorf phosphates ...
Next to it I found my friend Rashid with a large selection of Moroccan minerals, including new cobaltoan calcite and roselite specimens, priced more modestly than at Ste.-Marie and definitely selling rapidly.
Associated minerals were olivenite, conichalcite, scorodite, erythrite, roselite, brandtite, parasymplesite, pharmacosiderite, adamite, cuproadamite, schneiderhohnite, and karibibite.
Other Moroccan items of interest included erythrite miniatures with crystals up to 1 cm, some skutterudite specimens with crystals to 2 cm, roselite (or wendwilsonite?) crystal groups to 7 cm, small fine azurite roses, a few of the new golden apatites, and a scattering of cerussite and anglesite specimens.
Francois says that the species has been verified by testing as wendwilsonite, not roselite; hereby hangs an interesting tale, however.
Several good Moroccan erythrite specimens and one very good roselite were also available.
A trickle of new roselite specimens has appeared from the Aghbar drift, near Bou Azzer--apply to Francois Lietard, who had some thumbnails and toenails with coatings of lustrous, gemmy, magenta-colored millimetric roselite crystals on pink dolomite.
The color, as I've said, is a brilliantly lustrous magenta; on some matrix specimens there is a dusting of much paler pink-purple microcrystals of erythrite and/or roselite. The only problem is that at least some damage is almost always present, and is poignantly conspicuous: tiny bruises, especially on the wedge-tips of sheaves, stand out because of their lighter color and micaceous scaliness.
At the Barcelona Show Juan Vinals had a large selection of uncommon microminerals from Spain, including linarite, brochantite and beaverite from Sierra de Prades, Tarragona province; roselite from Huercal Overa, Almeria province; and lavendulan and corn-wallite from an unnamed mine in the Mazarron area, Murcia province.