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adj. ros·i·er, ros·i·est
a. Having the characteristic pink or red color of a rose.
b. Reddened, as from exercise or exposure to the weather: children with rosy cheeks.
2. Consisting of, decorated with, or suggestive of a rose or roses.
3. Bright or cheerful; optimistic: rosy predictions.

ros′i·ly adv.
ros′i·ness n.
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Noun1.rosiness - a rosy color (especially in the cheeks) taken as a sign of good healthrosiness - a rosy color (especially in the cheeks) taken as a sign of good health
good health, healthiness - the state of being vigorous and free from bodily or mental disease
2.rosiness - a healthy reddish complexion
complexion, skin color, skin colour - the coloring of a person's face
3.rosiness - a dusty pink colorrosiness - a dusty pink color      
pink - a light shade of red
old rose - a greyish-pink color
تَوَرُّد، إحْمِرار
rósrauîur litur


(rəuz) noun
1. a kind of brightly-coloured, usually sweet-scented flower, usually with sharp thorns.
2. (also adjective) (of) a pink colour. Her dress was pale rose.
rosette (rəˈzet) , ((American) rou-) noun
a badge or decoration in the shape of a rose, made of coloured ribbon etc.
ˈrosy adjective
1. rose-coloured; pink. rosy cheeks.
2. bright; hopeful. His future looks rosy.
ˈrosily adverb
ˈrosiness noun
ˈrosefish noun
North Atlantic rose-coloured fish used for food.
ˈrose hip noun
the red fruit of a rose, which is rich in vitamin C.
ˈrosewood noun, adjective
(of) a dark wood used for making furniture. a rose wood cabinet.
look at / see through rose-coloured spectacles/glasses
to take an over-optimistic view of.
References in classic literature ?
She then became conscious that he was observing her; but she would not show it by any change of position, though the curious dream-like fixity disappeared, and a close eye might easily have discerned that the rosiness of her face deepened, and then faded till only a tinge of it was left.
Lena Lingard came across the stubble barefoot, in a short skirt, with a curved reaping-hook in her hand, and she was flushed like the dawn, with a kind of luminous rosiness all about her.
Into this dimly-lit and dim-featured group May Archer floated like a swan with the sunset on her: she seemed larger, fairer, more voluminously rustling than her husband had ever seen her; and he perceived that the rosiness and rustlingness were the tokens of an extreme and infantile shyness.
Then, too, but not sharply, she had perceived the short, square-set nose, the rosiness of cheek, and the firm, short upper lip, ere delight centered her flash of gaze on the well-modeled, large clean mouth where red lips smiled clear of the white, enviable teeth.
You look very strong and well," said Newman, observing the erectness of her figure, and a certain venerable rosiness in her cheek.
In the usual state of her complexion--a healthy though delicate bloom--the mark wore a tint of deeper crimson, which imperfectly defined its shape amid the surrounding rosiness.
Certain tall white cones of rock rose out of the purple sea; they flushed in the afternoon light and their vague rosiness gave them a human expression in face of the cold expanse toward which the prow was turned; they seemed to say farewell, to be the last note of a peopled world.
We've often been advised to abstain from vain remarks about thy own self, but considering this an extol of a spa that truly demands it, I have to say that I couldn't help but constantly admire what a supple, radiant rosiness my cheeks had acquired in just one session.