a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or designating, a complex red dyestuff (called rosolic acid) which is analogous to rosaniline and aurin. It is produced by oxidizing a mixture of phenol and cresol, as a dark red amorphous mass, C20H16O3, which forms weak salts with bases, and stable ones with acids. Called also methyl aurin, and, formerly, corallin.
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The thermotolerant coliforms were identified and measured using membrane filtration and subsequent incubation at 44.5[degrees]C in water mFC medium, and rosolic acid as an indicator.
500),m-fc broth with rosolic acid to analyze fecal coliform and sewage effluents, package of 50 pieces.,standards ph solutions d 4.
The prepared aliquots were analyzed for the presence of formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide by the guaiacol method; chlorine, hypochlorite, and neutralizers using rosolic acid (method A) and phenolphthalein (method B); Dornic acidity and alizarol (72% v/v) stability tests were also performed as described by Normative Instruction 68/MAPA (BRASIL, 2006).
M-Endo broth was used for total coliform testing, m-FC broth with rosolic acid was used for fecal coliform testing, and mE agar was initially used for the enterococcus testing until the m-EI, U.S.
Surface-water samples were collected aseptically at about 10cm depth, transported to the laboratory at 4[degrees]C and cultured for FC using the membrane filtration method at 44.5[degrees]C on M-FC agar with rosolic acid (APHA 1998) within six hours of collection.