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 (rōs-vē′tä) also Hrot·svi·tha (hrōt-svē′tä) c. 935-c. 1000.
German nun and poet whose dialogues, modeled on ancient Roman plays, represent an early stage in the revival of European drama.
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The next essay by Roswitha Skare, "Literature and Visual Art in Christa Wolf's Sommerstuck and Was bleibt," draws out the paratextual dimension of the two texts, namely "the relationship between image and linguistic message" (120) by taking a critical look at the cover drawings, internal images and illustrations, and other paratextual elements included in the original GDR Aufbau editions.
I'm affected by these strikes too often," said Roswitha Karl, who was at Frankfurt airport waiting to board a flight to Moldova for a holiday.
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We are also grateful to Roswitha Marz for her valuable comments on an earlier version of the paper.
Dearly loved Mother of Marion and Roswitha. Dear Mother-in-law of George.
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Segundo Roswitha Leukert, "o inicio da historia da humanidade nao e (...) de forma alguma o problema da definicao de uma data concreta, mas primariamente o problema de um conceito materialista de homem [o ser humano, M.M.*] e de historia" (Leukert, 1976:18).
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Inge Fleischer, Berthold Hinz, Inge Schipper, and Roswitha Mattausch contended that subjectivity in Friedrich's representations of nature actually approaches intersubjectivity.
Bob leaves wife Roswitha and two sons, Jared of Nashville, TN and Jeremy of Addison, TX.
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