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1. Indirect; circuitous: took a roundabout route because the bridge was closed.
2. Characterized by indirectness, evasiveness, or vagueness: a roundabout claim that avoided the issues being discussed.
1. A short, close-fitting jacket.
2. Chiefly British
a. A merry-go-round.
b. A traffic circle.
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1. (Games, other than specified) Brit a revolving circular platform provided with wooden animals, seats, etc, on which people ride for amusement; merry-go-round
2. (Automotive Engineering) a road junction in which traffic streams circulate around a central island. US and Canadian name: traffic circle
3. (General Engineering) an informal name for boring mill
indirect or circuitous; devious
adv, prep
4. on all sides: spectators standing round about.
5. approximately: at round about 5 o'clock.
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(adj. ˌraʊnd əˈbaʊt, ˈraʊnd əˌbaʊt; n. ˈraʊnd əˌbaʊt)

1. circuitous or indirect.
2. a circuitous route.
3. Chiefly Brit. traffic circle.
4. Brit. a merry-go-round.
5. a close-fitting, waist-length coat or jacket.
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In British English, a roundabout is a circular area at a place where several roads meet. You drive round it until you come to the road you want.

Take the second exit at the roundabout onto the A140.

In American English, an area like this is called a traffic circle or a rotary.

The traffic circle has successfully slowed down vehicle traffic.

In British English, a roundabout is also a circular platform in a play park that children sit or stand on. People push the platform to make it spin round.

Children were playing happily on the roundabout, slide and swings.

In American English, this is called a merry-go-round.

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traffic circle
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Noun1.roundabout - a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central islandroundabout - a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island; "the accident blocked all traffic at the rotary"
junction - the place where two or more things come together
road, route - an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation
2.roundabout - a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusementroundabout - a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusement
ride - a mechanical device that you ride for amusement or excitement
Adj.1.roundabout - marked by obliqueness or indirection in speech or conduct; "the explanation was circuitous and puzzling"; "a roundabout paragraph"; "hear in a roundabout way that her ex-husband was marrying her best friend"
indirect - extended senses; not direct in manner or language or behavior or action; "making indirect but legitimate inquiries"; "an indirect insult"; "doubtless they had some indirect purpose in mind"; "though his methods are indirect they are not dishonest"; "known as a shady indirect fellow"
2.roundabout - deviating from a straight course; "a scenic but devious route"; "a long and circuitous journey by train and boat"; "a roundabout route avoided rush-hour traffic"
indirect - not direct in spatial dimension; not leading by a straight line or course to a destination; "sometimes taking an indirect path saves time"; "you must take an indirect course in sailing"
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1. Not taking a direct or straight line or course:
2. Characterized by repetition and excessive wordiness:
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أرجوحَةٌ دَوّارَهدَائِرَةدَوّار عند مُلْتَقى طُرُقغَيْر مُباشِر، مُلْتَوٍ
kolotočkřižovatka s kruhovým objezdemkruhový objezdplný oklik
kružni tok
hringtorgsem er ekki beinnhringekja
환상 교차로
križovatka s kruhovým objazdomokľukou
bùng binh


A. ADJindirecto
by a roundabout waydando un rodeo, por una ruta alternativa
to speak in a roundabout wayir con rodeos, hablar con circunloquios
B. N
1. (Brit) (at fair) → tiovivo m; (in playground) → carrusel m plataforma giratoria que se instala en parques infantiles para que los niños la empujen y se monten
2. (Brit) (Aut) → cruce m giratorio, glorieta f, rotonda f (S. Cone), redoma f (Carib)
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(British) (AUTOMOBILES)rond-point m
(at fair)manège m
[route, means] → détourné(e)
to take a roundabout route → faire un grand détour
The taxi driver took a very roundabout route → Le chauffeur de taxi a fait un grand détour.
to do sth in a roundabout way → faire qch de manière détournéeround arch narc m en plein cintre
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adj answer, questionumständlich; roundabout routeUmweg m; we came a roundabout way or by a roundabout routewir sind auf Umwegen gekommen, wir haben einen Umweg gemacht; he has a roundabout way of going about thingser geht sehr umständlich an die Dinge heran; what a roundabout way of doing things!wie kann man nur so umständlich sein!; by roundabout meansauf Umwegen; roundabout phrase(umständliche) Umschreibung; she gave a roundabout replysie antwortete auf Umwegen; to say something in a roundabout wayetw auf Umwegen sagen
n (Brit, at fair) → Karussell nt; (in children’s playground) → Karussell nt; (Mot) → Kreisverkehr m
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1. adj (route, means) → indiretto/a
I heard the news in a roundabout way → ho saputo la notizia per vie traverse
to refer in a roundabout way to sth → accennare indirettamente a qc
2. n (Brit) (at fair) → giostra (Aut) → rotatoria
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(raund) adjective
1. shaped like a circle or globe. a round hole; a round stone; This plate isn't quite round.
2. rather fat; plump. a round face.
1. in the opposite direction. He turned round.
2. in a circle. They all stood round and listened; A wheel goes round; All (the) year round.
3. from one person to another. They passed the letter round; The news went round.
4. from place to place. We drove round for a while.
5. in circumference. The tree measured two metres round.
6. to a particular place, usually a person's home. Are you coming round (to our house) tonight?
1. on all sides of. There was a wall round the garden; He looked round the room.
2. passing all sides of (and returning to the starting-place). They ran round the tree.
3. changing direction at. He came round the corner.
4. in or to all parts of. The news spread all round the town.
1. a complete circuit. a round of drinks (= one for everyone present); a round of golf.
2. a regular journey one takes to do one's work. a postman's round.
3. a burst of cheering, shooting etc. They gave him a round of applause; The soldier fired several rounds.
4. a single bullet, shell etc. five hundred rounds of ammunition.
5. a stage in a competition etc. The winners of the first round will go through to the next.
6. a type of song sung by several singers singing the same tune starting in succession.
to go round. The car rounded the corner.
ˈrounded adjective
curved; like part of the line forming a circle. a rounded arch.
ˈroundly adverb
plainly; rudely. He rebuked her roundly.
ˈroundness noun
rounds noun plural
a doctor's visits to his patients. The doctor is (out) on his rounds.
ˈall-round adjective
complete. It was an all-round success.
ˌall-ˈrounder noun
a person who has a talent for several different kinds of work, sport etc, or who can play in any position in a game.
ˈroundabout noun
1. a revolving machine on which one can ride for pleasure; a merry-go-round.
2. a circular piece of ground where several roads meet, and round which traffic must travel.
not direct. a roundabout route.
round figures/numbers
the nearest convenient or easily remembered numbers. Tell me the cost in round figures (ie $20 rather than $19.87).
ˌround-ˈshouldered adjective
with stooping shoulders.
round trip
1. (American) a journey to a place and back again (round-trip ticket a ticket for such a journey).
2. a trip to several places and back, taking a circular route.
all round
surrounding. There were people all round him.
round about
1. surrounding. She sat with her children round about her.
2. near. There are not many houses round about.
3. approximately. There must have been round about a thousand people there.
round off
1. to make something smooth etc. He rounded off the sharp corners with a file.
2. to complete successfully. He rounded off his career by becoming president.
round on
to turn to face (a person) suddenly, especially angrily.
round up to collect together: The farmer rounded up the sheep ( ˈround-up) noun
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دَائِرَة kruhový objezd rundkørsel Kreisverkehr κυκλική διασταύρωση glorieta, rotonda liikenneympyrä rond-point kružni tok rotatoria 環状交差路 환상 교차로 rotonde rundkjøring rondo rotatória, rotunda кольцевая автотранспортная развязка rondell วงเวียนที่ต้องขับรถรอบ döner kavşak bùng binh 交通转盘
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The other intersection is Chanda qilla, which is a three legged rotary intersection on G-T Road.
The project includes a rotary intersection, a small bus terminal with a car park for car pooling, as well as four bridges.

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