rotary dial

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ro′tary di′al

a disk with finger holes that is affixed to a telephone and rotated to match up the finger holes with the letters and digits of a telephone number.
ro′tary-di′al, adj.
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There's a refrigerator that gets angry unless someone is watching it, a fairground hammer that causes leprosy, a rotary phone that connects to another dimension.
For further details, see the Facebook page, or for a chat about Rotary phone 01877 330446.
Tenders are invited for Wireless Microphone Headset Megaphone with USB and SD Slot Set of bits for basic repair rotary phone holder
Why did the rotary phone have letters as well as numbers?
The writer even goes so far as to argue that our "office is closer to the 'rotary phone' era than the 'smartphone' era."
"I dial people on my rotary phone. Nobody seems to answer, though," Kerr quipped.
Yet when it comes to infrastructure, Oregonians seem satisfied to continue to use the rotary phone. Occasionally components fail, and individual pieces are replaced.
The plays consist of Alexander and the Yellow Rotary Phone, Another Day, Asking for It, Blue Tent, Conspiracy of Love, Ditmas, Dr.
This year's STEM Education Discovery Zone will include more components than ever before, including re-imaginations of old technologies, like a PACMAN game experience packed in a vintage Samsonite briefcase and an old rotary phone repurposed to function like a cell phone.
AT&T's first rotary phone in 1927 (dubbed ( "the French Phone" ) had an integrated handset for both the loudspeaker and the microphone, but it was cumbersome to use.
But you don't go back to using a rotary phone. You don't say, 'We're repealing smartphones.'"