Rotary valve

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a valve acting by continuous or partial rotation, as in the four-way cock.

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The dosing system features a piston pump that draws the product out of the hopper via a rotary valve into a dosing cylinder.
The online cleaning system was designed to include bags, cages, platform and ladder, and a screw conveyor and rotary valve. To complete the retrofit from a wet to dry process, Schust supplied and installed the compressed air piping and included filter/regulator, unions, and necessary shut-off valves.
Interflanged rotary valve with a du 100 gearbox with counter flanges - 6 pcs.
DMN-Westinghouse will exhibit its new High Pressure Rotary Valve, designed specifically for the plastics industry.
On the other side, modern materials such as chrome, ceramic and tungsten carbide proved to be the most effective for minimizing wear and extending the life of a rotary valve. The DuroProtect program accounts for these findings by implementing five different protection levels.
Ideal for applications involving food allergens, pigments, flavorings and other contamination-sensitive materials, each hopper is equipped with a stainless steel rotary valve that meters material into process equipment positioned below the mezzanine.
In 1948 he had it modified by Paxman of London, placing the instrument permanently into the key of B[flat] with the addition of a descending rotary valve to compensate for muting.
VICI Valco's Universal Valve Actuator permits the use of a single motor and control software to operate virtually any proprietary Valco or Cheminert rotary valve, both two position and multiposition.
A compact rotary valve module for thermal management and the exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head both play a major part in the four-cylinder engine's efficiency.
When the system is back up and the object hits the rotary valve, it freezes it up.
For higher-rate bulk materials handling, the system supplier will show a newly redesigned Smart Flow Meter, a ZRD 400 heavy-duty premium rotary valve, and new high-rate railcar loading spreader technology for loading polymer pellets.
Rotary valve actuators consist of quarter turn and multi-turn actuators used in the actuation of ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves etc.