Rotation of crops

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And Alfred must go off to the engineering-- I've made up my mind to that." He fell into meditation and finger-rhetoric again for a little while, and then continued: "I shall make Brooke have new agreements with the tenants, and I shall draw up a rotation of crops. And I'll lay a wager we can get fine bricks out of the clay at Bott's corner.
:EIven the up-to-date white farmer is content with one crop at a time and rotation of crops. Mr.
In the rotation of crops there was a recognised season for wild oats; but they were not to be sown more than once.
There was always a superfluity of broad beans--it took nine or ten of Adam's strides to get to the end of the uncut grass walk that ran by the side of them; and as for other vegetables, there was so much more room than was necessary for them that in the rotation of crops a large flourishing bed of groundsel was of yearly occurrence on one spot or other.
Proper rotation of crops is necessary in order to restore the fertility.
Extraction of nutrients from the soil in an equitable manner is possible with the judicious rotation of crops. It should be in such a manner that exhaustive crops followed by restorative crops and deep rooted should rotate with shallow rooted crops.
Rotation of crops will not only give income throughout the year but help in soil rejuvenation and preservation.