rotary evaporator

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(Chem.) a device used in laboratories in which a liquid is evaporated by reducing the pressure and applying heat, while rotating the liquid in a vessel such as a round-bottomed flask. The reduced pressure speeds the evaporation process and allows the evaporation to be conducted at temperatures lower than would otgherwise be possible, thus reducing decomposition of unstable substances. The rotation also serves to increase the surface area from which evaporation takes place and to reduce the effect of "bumping", the sudden burst of vaporization that can scatter liquid exposed to reduced pressure.

See also: Evaporator

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The organic phase having antimicrobial property was dried on Rotavapor (Buchi R-210) at 40AdegC.
After completion of reaction, iodine was quenched by saturated aqueous solution of Na2S2O3 and acetone was recovered through rotavapor. In a separating funnel, product was collected in organic layer by solvent extraction with ethyl acetate (3x10 ml).
El contenido de alcaloides fue concentrado, eliminando el solvente mediante un rotavapor (HiTech, RE-52), con una temperatura de 40 [degrees]C y presion controlada.
Oil was obtained after evaporating solvent with a Rotavapor at 65[degrees] C and then measured.
After extraction, a Rotavapor rotary evaporator was used to remove solvent residues in each sample, with flasks kept at 100[degrees]C for 30 min.
The solvent in the collected fractions of fomentariol was evaporated to dry using Rotavapor R-114 (Buchi, Flawil, Switzerland), and the dry sample was dissolved in methanol-d4 (99.9%).
The extracts were then dried over anhydrous sodium sulphate and concentrated to about 5 mL in vacuo (BUCHI Rotavapor R-200 rotary evaporator).
En cada impregnacion, la pasta humeda se seco primero en un rotavapor a 80 [grados]C y luego en una estufa a 120 [grados]C por 12 h.
Tools such as a Hettich centrifuge, Buchi rotavapor, chamber vacuum machine and immersion circulator bath enable the duo "to push the bounds of flavor and aroma." Every drink uses something from the lab, from a sous-vide infusion to a bespoke aromatic essence.