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n.1.(Zool.) A very small arctic sea bird (Mergulus alle, or Alle alle) common on both coasts of the Atlantic in winter; - called also little auk, dovekie, rotch, rotchie, and sea dove.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In a letter to Baumler, Philadelphia Quaker John James gave a report on the Separatists still remaining in Philadelphia, while exhorting him to sign the Declaration: "Our mutual friend Thomas Rotche [sic] informed me that you had a conference together and thou had signed the Declaration of Trust[.] It afforded me much consolation, but I was very sorry when I understood thy friends objected to its being put upon Record[,] which I consider a great mistake and hope they have come to see the impropriety of it but as thou assured me it shall be done.
Franship, IFA's mentor program spearheaded in 2010 by IFA member John Rotche, CFE, CEO and Partner of TITLE Boxing Club, Is starting off 2016 with changes to continue making the program successful and valued member benefit.
* John Rotche, CFE, CEO of TITLE Boxing International
Having already been involved as a Charter Member with PAFI, John Rotche, CFE, president and partner of TITLE Boxing Club, sought to expand the partnership, to educate and heighten the relationship between the franchise community and the professional athlete community.
Rotche had the rare experience of being mentored by Coach Schembechler in football and Monaghan (incidentally Monaghan and Rotche are both IFA Entrepreneur of the Year recipients) in franchising, which gave him the unique combination to be a great role model in both sports and franchising.
& Partner John Rotche places a bid during the wine auction.
As a former athlete and coach for the University of Michigan football team, John Rotche, CFE, began his career in franchising at Domino's Pizza, two miles from the Michigan Football Stadium.
Fresh Soup Company; Keith Gerson, CFE, CO0, Sopra Brands; John Rotche, CFE, President, BELFOR Franchise Group; Nancy Bigley, CFE, CEO, Co-Owner, Bottle & Bottega
Rotches Pork Packers, Inc., 969 F.2d 1384, 1388 (2d Cir.