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Noun1.rote learning - memorization by repetition
committal to memory, memorisation, memorization - learning so as to be able to remember verbatim; "the actor's memorization of his lines"
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The researchers note that both groups of Japanese students scored higher on memorization and that "this seems to give support to a stereotypical view of the Japanese student as a rote learner." They suggest, though, that this stereotype might be simplistic since there were no differences in the emphasis on memorization among the Japanese at high, medium, and low levels of achievement and that high-achieving Australian students used memorization as a strategy more than low-achieving Australian students.
Thus, at present the teaching practices of the subject mathematics make students the rote learners of textbooks.
This sentiment was also reflected at the recent Qudwa forum in Abu Dhabi, where Dr Andreas Schleicher stressed that the UAE needs to produce creative thinkers - not rote learners - if it is to shift from a consumer to a producer culture.
We need to focus on inculcating this passion in children and building their visualisation skills so that they understand what's taught, rather than forcing them to be rote learners who can only regurgitate.