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 (rŏth′chīld, rŏths′-, rôth′-, rôths′-, rōt′shĭlt′)
German family of bankers, including Mayer Amschal (1744-1812), who founded a bank at Frankfurt am Main. His sons, most notably Salomon Mayer (1774-1855) and Nathan Mayer (1777-1836), established branches of the bank throughout Europe.


(ˈrɒθtʃaɪld; ˈrɒθs-)
1. (Biography) Lionel Nathan, Baron de Rothschild. 1809–79, British banker and first Jewish member of Parliament
2. (Biography) his grandfather Meyer Amschel (ˈmaiər ˈamʃəl). 1743–1812, German financier and founder of the Rothschild banking firm
3. (Biography) his son, Nathan Meyer, Baron de Rothschild. 1777–1836, British banker, born in Germany


(ˈrɔθ tʃaɪld, ˈrɔθs-, rɒθ-, ˈrɒθs-)

1. Mayer Amschel, 1743–1812, German banker: founder of the Rothschild family and international banking firm.
2. his son, Nathan Mayer, Baron de, 1777–1836, English banker, born in Germany.
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Noun1.Rothschild - any of family of powerful Jewish bankers in EuropeRothschild - any of family of powerful Jewish bankers in Europe
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Baron Rothschild's private secretary, a largenosed Jew in tight boots, affably beamed upon the world, as if his master's name crowned him with a golden halo.
Did you ever hear of Rothschild or Baring dropping a fourpenny-piece down a gutter-hole?
What may seem a small sum to a Rothschild may seem a large sum to me, and it is not the fault of stakes or of winnings that everywhere men can be found winning, can be found depriving their fellows of something, just as they do at roulette.
Who knows but what I might have become another Rothschild? But I wasn't meant for a banker; bankers are not so easy to kill.
Why can't they be Rothschilds? Whose fault is it that a man has not got millions of money like Rothschild?
It was wonderful to hear him talk about millions, and agios, and discounts, and what Rothschild was doing, and Baring Brothers.
You shall be richer than ten of the richest houses in Amsterdam or London, richer than Rothschild; in short, you shall have the fabulous wealth of the
Investment bank Rothschild is working on a consortium of investors who aim to bid for a stake in Alitalia that Rome is putting up for sale, a source close to Rothschild said on Tuesday, confirming press reports.
* Louis Rothschild Jr., founder and former publisher of Food Chemical News, died June 25 in Sykesville, Maryland.
A price for the 20% stake in Airbus being sold to EADS by BAE Systems is to be set by Rothschild, an investment bank, in the next two weeks.
The lack of accurate information offered opportunities for tremendous profit for economist David Ricardo and banker Nathan Rothschild. The case illustrates numerically the rates of returns that could be achieved in such circumstances and makes us appreciate the value of instantaneous, accurate information in today's global markets.
COLUMBUS, Ga.-Happy anniversary to the David Rothschild Co.