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n. pl. ro·tis
See chapati.

[Hindi and Urdu roṭī, ultimately from Prakrit roṭṭa; possibly akin to Prakrit roṁcai, and Sanskrit roṭate, to strike against, both of unknown origin.]


(ˈrəʊtɪ; ˈrʊtɪ)
(Cookery) (in India and the Caribbean) a type of unleavened bread
[from Hindi: bread]
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Bonlight released its 159,711,531 ROTI shares at Rp1,275 per share or Rp203,632,202,025.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Dec 23 ( ANI ): The Dabbawalas of Mumbai have joined hands with former Maharashtra DGP D Sivanandan to provide food to the needy through Mumbai Roti Bank.
Makai ki roti is difficult to make at home so people prefer to buy it ready made,' he said.
We have added just enough touches of exotic Indian heritage to remind us of our roots and to not lose that authentic Indian flavour," said Roti Rollers founder Ahsan Kahlon,
The festival will offer culinary delights such as 25 varieties of roti, including missi roti, cheese naan, kheema naan, rogan naan, kalonji naan, Kabuli naan and egg paratha, according to a statement from the company.
To get the sum of all good things, the golden rule is to combine different flours and make your roti really healthy.
The actor said he had been dreaming of the roti he would eat the day he wrapped up filming.
Tandoori Roti is a kind of bread prepared in a special bakery, which is extremely popular in North India and Pakistan and among the expatriates from the region in Qatar.
the Roti team will share their love of healthy, affordable Mediterranean food with a very discerning public.
But the best tradition his relatives bring is the baking of bread, or roti, his grandfather's specialty.
He said that more fair price shops, Ramazan bazaars and Sasti Roti Dasterkhwans would be established during the holy month as compared to last year, adding that quality and cleanliness should be ensured at these Dastherkhwans at all costs.
The Sasti Roti Authority will streamline the affairs of the Punjab Sasti Roti Scheme and ensure its proper monitoring, documentation and facilitation so that public-oriented project must benefit the common man.