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Noun1.Rotifera - a phylum including: rotifersRotifera - a phylum including: rotifers  
animal kingdom, Animalia, kingdom Animalia - taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
rotifer - minute aquatic multicellular organisms having a ciliated wheel-like organ for feeding and locomotion; constituents of freshwater plankton
phylum - (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
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Los demas generos presentaron maximas abundancias menores a los 700 org/10 l; Daphnia, Ceriodaphnia (Cladocera) 610 org/10 l y 476 org/10 l respectivamente; Asplanchna (Rotifera) 445 org/10 l; Conochillus (Rotifera) 220 org/10 l; Cyclops (Copepoda) 292 org/10 l; Moina, Alonopsis y Camptocercus (Cladocera) 43 org/10 l, 25 org/10 l y ocho org/10 l respectivamente, y Filinia (Rotifera) 25 org/10 l.
Rotifera is the dominant group in water with cyanobacteria bloom (Starkweather & Kellar 1983, Gonzalez de Infante 1988, Rocha et al.
Combined effects of food concentration and temperature on competition among four species of Brachionus (Rotifera).
The zooplankton community consisted of 24 taxa, or rather, 4 Cladocera, 2 Copepoda and 18 Rotifera. Copepoda species were constant or common at the sampled sites throughout the period, excepting [P.sub.3].
inflata Morphotype Cyanobacteria 4 3 3 Chlorophyta 13 4 10 Bacillariophyta 13 8 8 Euglenophyta 2 0 2 Total 32 15 23 Rotifera 12 1 12 Copepoda 5 3 4 Rhizopoda 4 2 3 Cladocera 12 8 5 Nematoda 6 4 5 Insecta 1 0 1 Total 42 18 30
The Synchaetidae (Rotifera, Monogononta) are represented by 4 genera, being Synchaeta the most representative.
Key words: rotifera, taxonomy, diversity, distribution, Guatemala, Belize.
Of the approximately 1,800 Rotifera species described, only a few are able to tolerate brackish and saline waters (Miracle and Serra, 1989; Onwudinjo and Egborge, 1994; Fontaneto et al., 2006, Zakaria et al., 2007).
The dominance of the Rotifera in both rivers was attributed to their short developmental rate and fish predation on larger zooplankton.