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Noun1.Rotifera - a phylum including: rotifersRotifera - a phylum including: rotifers  
animal kingdom, Animalia, kingdom Animalia - taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
rotifer - minute aquatic multicellular organisms having a ciliated wheel-like organ for feeding and locomotion; constituents of freshwater plankton
phylum - (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
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Nevertheless, a primary feeding schedule has been established based mostly on live prey (rotifers and Artemia nauplii) and early weaning during the third or fourth week of development, which is shown in Figure 1.
The MBL team is investigating factors that affect aging using tiny aquatic animals called rotifers. They chose rotifers because the microscopic organisms offer several advantages over other biological models such as fruit flies.
Rotifers were the third important group, comprising 6 species and contributed 13.37% of the total abundance.
Among the Rotifers, the most abundant species was Keratella tropica, followed by Brachionus sp.
Unlike marine fish species, freshwater fish larvae depend more on small cladocerans than copepods, and rotifers are also common as the first food (Gerking, 1994; Soares et al., 1997).
Zooplankton abundance was almost three times as high in spring (922 ind [L.sup.-1]) as in autumn (325 ind [L.sup.-1]) and was dominated by rotifers, small-bodied cladocerans, and juveniles of cyclopoid copepods.
J., Arakawa, T., Watanabe T., The effect of bacterial additives on the production rate and dietary value of rotifers as food for Japanese flounder, Paratichthys otivaceus.
Furthermore, relative abundances of rotifers and copepods were of highest values in all ponds (Table 3).
Contract awarded for Fish seed production of food organisms and one other species of rotifers (unit price contract) can be purchased for a nominal estimate Bidding
The relation between zooplankton population dynamics and hydrological phases is not equal for all components of the zooplankton community, which includes four large groups: protists, rotifers, cladocerans and copepods.