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A city of southwest Netherlands on the Rhine-Meuse delta southeast of The Hague. Chartered in 1328, it was a major commercial power during the 1500s and 1600s and is today a thriving port accessible via canal to oceangoing vessels.


(Placename) a port in the SW Netherlands, in South Holland province: the second largest city of the Netherlands and one of the world's largest ports; oil refineries, shipbuilding yards, etc. Pop: 600 000 (2003 est)


(ˈrɒt ərˌdæm)

a seaport in SW Netherlands. 574,299.
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Noun1.Rotterdam - the 2nd largest city in the NetherlandsRotterdam - the 2nd largest city in the Netherlands; located in the western Netherlands near the North Sea
Holland, Kingdom of The Netherlands, Nederland, Netherlands, The Netherlands - a constitutional monarchy in western Europe on the North Sea; half the country lies below sea level
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launched its import and promotion desk in Rotterdam, Holland. Founded by Edna Vergara in 1977 and re-launched in 2018 with Farmfolio, La Dona Fruit Co.
Ally McCubbin is off to Rotterdam, Holland from 22 to 27 July to play for the O40s, along with men's and women's teams across the O35, O40, O45 ages.Then, Angie Beattie and Mags Miller are off to Krefeld in Germany from August 8 to 17 to play for the 055s, along with men's and women's teams representing O50s and O55s.
2000: World champions France beat Italy 2-1 with a golden goal from substitute David Trezeguet (right) in the final of Euro 2000 in Rotterdam, Holland. 2005: American Venus Williams beat No.1 seed and compatriot Lindsay Davenport 4-6 7-6 (7/4) 9-7 Wimbledon women's singles final.
It also said in a headline: ae1/4oeHamas stops operation of Gaza power plant,ae1/4Ci and said in another story that a conference held in Rotterdam, Holland, has failed as only 1900 people have attended it out of 6000 invitees.
Sasha Adwani, Emily Ford, James Rudkin and Oliver Varley have been chosen to represent Great Britain at the World Under-23 Championships in Rotterdam, Holland, from August 21-28.
She also studied chamber music at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, Holland.
A panel from Dubai led by Yousuf Al Hammadi, Championship Director, 2015 Dubai WAG was joined by Majid Al Bastaki and Ahmad Al Marzouqi from the Media Committee and Salem Akram from the PRO Committee for a presentation during the 109th WAG Congress held in Rotterdam, Holland recently.
ANDY MURRAY has accepted a late wildcard to play the ABN Amro World Tennis event in Rotterdam, Holland, next week.
The panel of judges included Johan Madarasz, creative director at Madcats; Marianne Hope, founder and manager of SeeMyCity; Yvonne Bouman, a freelance photographer and manager of Instagramers Holland; Herbert SchrE[micro]er, a renowned mobile photographer from The Netherlands; Dirk Bakker, an iPhoneographer and SeeMyCity member from Amsterdam; Jeroen Moor, an iPhoneographer and freelance photographer from Rotterdam, Holland; and Tim Hatton, an iPhoneographer from the UK.
The latest trick shows the group settling for hallway up the 607 ft Euromast Tower in Rotterdam, Holland, with a 321ft shot that took the main shooter Kyle Nebel 62 attempts to finally get the ball in the hoop, Mirror reports.
The unveiling was done in Rotterdam, Holland, at the TOC (Transport Operators Conference) and Container Supply Chain exhibition and conference in late June.

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