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v. t.1.To make rotten.
Well bet is rotten apple out of hoard,
Than that it roty all the remenant.
- Chaucer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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1959-1981, Wielkopolskie roty sqdowe XIV-XVwieku [The Greater Poland court oaths of the 14th-15th century], vol. carries products from Baby Leo Designs, Moulin Roty, Clementine Art, Tivoli Couture, Say Please, Painted Turtle, and Nourish to name a few.
Une Marianne sous forme de buste qui, avec l'image de la Semeuse d'Oscar Roty et l'Arbre, fait partie des trois symboles choisis en 1996 pour figurer sur l'avers des faces francaises des pieces de l'Euro, cette face nationale propre a chaeun des 15 pays membres de la zone Euro.
Many of them could have been placed in their appropriate sections in both volumes, but exquisite reliefs by D'Angers, Chaplain, Roty, Charpentier, and others come from the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century; they are marvelous examples of the Romantic cast medal or the belle epoque style, but they have no bearing on the focused subject of the title.
In the European men's amateur championship at Biella in Italy, Craig Evans is the leading Welshman, returning a 71 yesterday for a 217 total, 11 strokes behind leader Roty McIlroy, the Irish champion.
In a third study (Uriarte, Dexter, Loya, & Roty, 2003), all local districts with school counselors were surveyed to obtain a preliminary assessment of the impact of state budget cuts in 2002-2003.
Some Guenonian converts also play a social and political role within the French Muslim community, like Jacques Roty (connected with Valsan) who for a year (1985-1986) held office as president of the National Federation of Muslims of France.