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 (ro͞o-ō′), Georges 1871-1958.
French artist whose paintings, often of biblical figures, clowns, or prostitutes, are characterized by brilliant colors and black outlines.


(ruːˈəʊ; French rwo)
(Biography) Georges (ʒɔrʒ). 1871–1958, French expressionist artist. His work is deeply religious; it includes much stained glass



Georges, 1871–1958, French painter.
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As he didn't own any properties but rented from the Marquis of Anglesey, his money came from the sale of his own work and from paintings which he owned by other artists, such as French painters Georges Braque and Georges Rouault, American artist James McNeill Whistler, as well as the Italian Baroque painter Domenichino.
traces this embrace in chapters on the work--and especially its reception--of the painter and printmaker Georges Rouault, the novelist Georges Bernanos, and the composer and organist Charles Tournemire.
Though they were exhibited alongside the prints in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery for several months, the Rouault estate would not give permission for them to be published together.
Born in Paris in 1871, the son of a cabinetmaker and grandson of an art collector, Rouault initially restored medieval stained glass windows, including some from France's famed Chartres Cathedral.
Back row from left, Michael Rouault, Ryan Klakus, Ashley Mulhern, Matthew Day, Jordan Chamberlain, Jason King, Tom Hebdon.
Our process for painting is based on the work of Georges Rouault, an artist who painted with thick black outlines, and then filled them with rich, bright colors.
The deaccessioned works include paintings by Amadeo Modigliani, Camille Pissarro, Georges Rouault, Robert Delaunay and Max Beckmann; works on paper by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Edgar Degas, Patti Klee and Fernand Leger; and sculptures by Alberto Giacometti and Henry Moore.
A Madonna and Child (1945) echoes the tradition of the French painter Georges Rouault, whose paintings repeat the black-frame outlines of stained-glass windows.
Unfortunately, Podany did not have access to the thirty or more Hana tablets dated to the Mitanni period found by Rouault at Terqa (first mentioned by Rouault in "Cultures locales et influences exterieures: Le cas de Terqa," Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici 30 [1992]: 247-56).
Para ilustrarlo me referire a dos pintores que admiro: Georges Rouault y Marc Chagall.
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