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Rou·en 1

 (ro͞o-än′, -äN′)
A city of northern France on the Seine River west-northwest of Paris. Of pre-Roman origin, it was repeatedly raided by the Norse in the ninth century, became the capital of medieval Normandy in the tenth century, and was held by the English from 1419 to 1449. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake here in 1431.

Rou·en 2

 (ro͞o-än′, -äN′)
Any of a breed of domestic ducks descended from and resembling the mallard.

[After Rouen1.]


(French rwɑ̃)
(Placename) a city in N France, on the River Seine: the chief river port of France; became capital of the duchy of Normandy in 912; scene of the burning of Joan of Arc (1431); university (1964). Pop: 110 276 (2006)


(ruˈɑ̃, -ˈɑn)

a city in N France, on the Seine: execution of Joan of Arc 1431. 105,083.


[ˈruːɑ̃ːŋ] NRuán m
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Ports of call: Rouen, France, and Honfl eur, France
SGS's laboratory in Rouen, France is already recognized as a leader in metal analysis, and with the growing need for testing in the plant protection industry, SGS's new ICP-MS solution is a welcome offering to the industry.
She was captured and burned at the stake in Rouen, France on May 30, 1431 at the age of 19.
The work is a collaborative project between the University of Bath, the University of Brighton, UniLaSalle in Rouen, France, and five other academic and nonacademic partners.
He is buried at St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, France. His death was reported in the Tamworth Herald on December 12, 1918, and December 14, 1918, with a memorial message on November 20, 1919: "Make Firm O God The Peace For Which He Died".
| 1087: William the Conqueror died in Rouen, France, from injuries received when his horse stumbled while he was fighting the King of France.
Health tech company SOPHiA GENETICS revealed on Friday the completion of the acquisition of Interactive Biosoftware (IBS) based in Rouen, France.
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The last edition of the tournament was held in Rouen, France.
1918 : It was confirmed that a Huddersfield soldier had died from his wounds at a hospital in Rouen, France. Lance Cpl Arthur Wood, 23, lived at 27 Spring Grove Street in Huddersfield and was educated at Spring Grove Council School.
The 12 studies were selected from a May 2014 international conference in Rouen, France.
"We have been receiving patients that have been gassed and burned in a most mysterious way," Julia Stimson, a military nurse, wrote from Rouen, France, on July 25, 1917.