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n.1.A small wheel formerly fixed to the pan of firelocks for discharging them.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Chris piloted his own Bonne Du Rouet Z, a Dutch-bred sevenyear-old whom Chris started competing in January; they posted a time of 39.49 seconds.
The biggest issue at this moment is the Crown Development at the Interchange of Rouet 47 and I-88.
Brothers Sebastien and Guillaume Rouet have been banned for 43 and 36 weeks respectively for physical and verbal abuse of a match official, while Pierre Barthere, Lucas Guillaume and Mathieu Belie have all been hit with 14-week bans.
While Damien Rouet notes "a few Basques," he found that the majority of the colonists came from Aunis, Saintonge, and the Bordeaux region.
Pisanello has also won a number of prizes in guitar competitions including the First Prize at the EGTA (European Guitar Teachers Association) in Switzerland in 2008, and the Third Prize at the 7th International Ligita Guitar Competition in Liechtenstein in 2015 and the Third Prize in the Concours International de Guitare de Carry Le Rouet in France.
The results indicated a hierarchical map improved comprehension for the low knowledge participant, and there was no effect content mis representation with student prior knowledge (Potelle & Rouet, 2003).
However, one of the confounding variables related to these studies involved the relatively new nature of computer literacy for students that lacked regular exposure to it as a learning resource and the more demanding task of assimilating a greater variety of material at a faster pace (Rouet & Levonen, 1996).
The potential reasons for these results may be due to the Internet providing abundant information resources and flexible time and space for learning (Cheng, Liang & Tsai, 2013; Rouet, 2006).
These variables are not considered by the model, but have been documented elsewhere, and mainly include beliefs about knowledge and knowing in history (Lee & Ashby, 2000), knowledge of the topic under investigation (Wineburg, 1998), experience with methods of historical inquiry (Wineburg, 1998), metacognitive abilities (Poitras & Lajoie, 2013), as well as the available information and nature of the sources (Rouet, Britt, Mason, & Perfetti, 1996).
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