Rough log

(Naut.) a first draught of a record of the cruise or voyage.

See also: Log

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As the canoe containing the men was paddled along, there floated down beside it what seemed to be a big, rough log.
It threw a gleam of recognition, on here a post, and there a garden fence, and here a latticed window-pane, and there a pump, with its full trough of water, and here again an arched door of oak, with an iron knocker, and a rough log for the door-step.
The whole front of it was covered by a large scarlet bignonia and a native multiflora rose, which, entwisting and interlacing, left scarce a vestige of the rough logs to be seen.
A few rough logs, laid side by side, served for a bridge over this stream.
In adapting to this strange new place and transforming a rough log house built by Charles' hands into a home, Caroline must draw on untapped wells of strength she does not know she possesses.
A precondition, however, is the possibility of determining that borderline on rough log end faces too, which is, as yet, not the case in forestry.
The most effective way to identify potential videos for the project was to watch from beginning to end and create a rough log of topics, including the specific times that potential topics are mentioned.
Beat all the ingredients together, spoon onto a sheet of damp grease-proof paper and roll into a rough log. If you use it with snails or top steamed mussels, add about 20g of dry bread crumbs.
We view its progression from the first six months depicting a stump-studded clearing and rough log cabin to the "Work of a Lifetime," with its manor house, roads and bridges, and an infinitely receding patchwork of productive fields (65-66).
Helmer Boris Svetozarov's images of country folk living in rough log cabins have a Wild West feeling.
Later, it was rather incongruously terminated at its northern end by a rough log building inclined to the main axis.
The bridge is made of rough logs, tree branches and bamboo poles tied together with wire.