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v. i. & t.1.To whisper.
Another rouned to his fellow low.
- Chaucer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If he sees a woman roun' here he'll go crazy an' I'll lose me job!
"Then I won't shoot at him, I'll only shoot roun' an' roun' the beggar.
When I takes de chillen out to git de air, de minute I's roun' de corner I's gwine to gaum dey mouths all roun' wid jam, den dey can't nobody notice dey's changed.
They come round me an' shuk me, an' I tould thim I was in privit employ wid an income av me own, an' a drrrawin'-room fit to bate the Quane's; an' wid me lies an' me shtories an' nonsinse gin'rally, I kept 'em quiet in wan way an' another, knockin' roun' the camp.'Twas bad even thin whin I was the Angil av Peace.
Ole missis, she tole me I got to go an' git dis water an' not stop foolin' roun' wid anybody.
"Shoe alla da roun' for da childs - seven pairs da shoe."
Belyve,* the elder bairns come drapping in, At service out, amang the farmers roun'; Some ca' the pleugh, some herd, some tentie** rin A cannie*** errand to a neebor town: Their eldest hope, their Jenny, woman grown, In youthfu' bloom, love sparkling in her e'e Comes hame, perhaps, to show a braw new gown, Or deposite her sair-won penny-fee,*** To help her parents dear, if they in hardship be.
I roun kn remember getting the letter telling I had been selected to act in the ional Theatre of Wales when I was can still feel the thrill, walking nd with this secret, glowing nowledge that I was representing Wales.
KARACHI -- Irfan Memorial FC disrict east secured their place in the next roun of All-Karachi Abdul Waheed Memorial 5 Star Football Tournament when they beat Baloch Union FC west by 3-5 on penalty kicks here at Noorani Eidgah Ground in New Karachi.
Plastic Wrapping Plastic bags mus'tek da rap For da fishy mek a trap, Cloggin' delta's an' bus sheltas Roun' da street al' helta-skeltas.
The story culminates in a gruesome scene where Tenie, after a prolonged absence from the plantation, returns to Sandy and finds only a stump, "wid de sap runnin' out'n it, en de limbs layin' scattered roun'" (19).