round lot

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round′ lot′

the conventional unit in which commodities or securities are bought and sold, esp. a quantity of 100 shares of a stock in a transaction. Compare odd lot.
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By blindly relying on the vendor's price for round lots without any reasonable basis to believe it accurately reflected what the fund would receive if it sold the odd lots, PIMCO overstated the Total Return ETF's net asset value (NAV) by as much as 31 cents," the order states.
MULTITASKING MAKE-UP If your desk looks like a dressing table, a palette will save you carting round lots of make-up and let you change your look.
He has been challenged in the playground so he is threatening to bring round lots of his mates to duff us up.
I enjoy coaching and since I've been involved with Yorkshire Bank as an ambassador I've been round lots of local cricket clubs and to see the looks on the kids' faces when we turn up makes it all worthwhile.
Under the deal, DnB NOR Markets had to provide bids and offers prices for Biotec Pharmacon's shares for at least four round lots and with a maximum spread of 4%.
The progressives are both set up for stuff I shoot a lot and my practice is to load 200-1,000 round lots before changing to something else.
We now go round lots of the social clubs and pubs in the area, so the money we raise for charity has got a real boost.
com revealed drivers who ring round lots of insurance companies can save an average of pounds 150 a year.
My dad has been round lots of second-hand shops looking for it but it's not been found.
During any one day, a corporation generally may not buy more stock than the larger of one round lot (generally 100 shares) or the number of round lots nearest to equaling 25% of the stock's average daily trading volume for the four calendar weeks preceding the start of the buyback program.
Bailey, for example, likes to find stocks selling for between $30 and $70, because this makes buying round lots of 100 shares affordable.
On any single trading day, the company can't purchase more than the greater of either one round lot (100 shares) or the number of round lots that is closest to 25% of the company's stock's average daily trading volume in the four previous calendar weeks.