round lot

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round′ lot′

the conventional unit in which commodities or securities are bought and sold, esp. a quantity of 100 shares of a stock in a transaction. Compare odd lot.
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In addition, the company's warrants have not demonstrated the minimum 400 round lot holder requirement for initial listing of its warrants set forth in Nasdaq Listing Rule 5515a4 following the completion of the company's business combination on June 20, 2019.
Each token will represent USD 50,000, with a minimum round lot purchase of USD 500,000.
Specifically, the company has resolved the continued listing deficiency with respect to Section 1003(a) (i), Section 1003(a) and Section 1003(a) of the company Guide referenced in the Exchange's letter dated July 12, 2018 by having a total value of market capitalization of at least USD 50m , at least 1.1m publicly held shares with a market value of at least USD 15m and 400 round lot shareholders.
According to the new program authorised by the board of directors, repurchases may be made on the open market, through private transactions, accelerated share repurchases, round lot or block transactions on the New York Stock Exchange or otherwise, as determined by the company's management and in accordance with prevailing market conditions and Securities and Exchange Commission requirements.
The partners aim to invest in solar photovoltaic projects in the US up to a first round lot of 100MW of total installed capacity, Greentech said.
On an ongoing basis, on the exchange, the units of the Scheme can be bought/sold in round lot of 1 unit.
An amount of a security less than the established "round lot." See Round Lot.
Round Lot Lot Lot Lot # searches Total # A B C D parked 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Bear in mind that in buying municipal bonds, a $25,000 bond is generally considered a "round lot" and anything less an "odd lot!' Investing in municipal bond funds avoids the problem of buying "odd lots." Young professionals still building their careers and salaries are an example of those who may be in a high tax bracket with only moderate investable assets.
An odd lot is a security traded for less than a normal trading unit, which is called a round lot.