n.1.(Zool.) Any ordinary market fish, exclusive of flounders, sole, halibut, and other flatfishes.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Roundfish is the second most produced fish group in Brazil (Rabobank, 2013; IBGE, 2014).
The species groupings were Atlantic cod, haddock, roundfish (pollock, white hake, and monkfish), flatfish (yellowtail flounder, witch flounder, winter flounder, American plaice), skates (barndoor, rosetta, winter, clearnose, thorny, little, and smooth skates), and an "other" category which was all other species.
During the early development, particularly at the post-larva stage (about 4-6 months) [12,13], a distinct transformation or metamorphosis occurs in halibut as the left eye migrates to the right side (left side blind) and their characteristics change from roundfish to flatfish [8].
In addition to the vessels targeting hake described above, additional vessels target other groundfish species (e.g., rockfish, flatfish, non-hake roundfish, sharks, skates, among others) along the west coast.
Junior angler Matthew Winn was on top form again from the Tyne, landing six fish for 1.74kg which included the heaviest single roundfish - a whiting of 1lb 2oz.
ICES has recommended hefty cuts in catches, but warns that such measures are unlikely to be achieved simply by reducing the cod quota, because large numbers of the threatened fish are caught by trawlermen pursuing "mixed roundfish" - mainly a mixture of haddock and whiting.
The entry fee is pounds 6 or pounds 2 for juniors and there is an optional 50p heaviest flatfish and a 50-heaviest roundfish pool.
It is becoming increasingly important to focus on roundfish alternatives for relatively scarce flatfish.
Species were categorized into 3 types that included 'flatfish,' 'rockfish,' and 'roundfish' (Table 1).
Steve Foster had the biggest roundfish with a cod of 53cm, and Graeme Lunn had the biggest flatfish with a dab of 29cm.