n.1.(Zool.) Any ordinary market fish, exclusive of flounders, sole, halibut, and other flatfishes.
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During the early development, particularly at the post-larva stage (about 4-6 months) [12,13], a distinct transformation or metamorphosis occurs in halibut as the left eye migrates to the right side (left side blind) and their characteristics change from roundfish to flatfish [8].
rockfish, flatfish, non-hake roundfish, sharks, skates, among others) along the west coast.
74kg which included the heaviest single roundfish - a whiting of 1lb 2oz.
rockfish, roundfish, flatfish, and coastal pelagic species.
The entry fee is pounds 6 or pounds 2 for juniors and there is an optional 50p heaviest flatfish and a 50-heaviest roundfish pool.
It is becoming increasingly important to focus on roundfish alternatives for relatively scarce flatfish.
Flatfish generally react to approaching objects at much closer ranges (<1 m) than do roundfish and remain very close to the seafloor when avoiding such objects.
Steve Foster had the biggest roundfish with a cod of 53cm, and Graeme Lunn had the biggest flatfish with a dab of 29cm.
1995) tested the use of grid sorting grates on groundfish trawlers to speed the extraction of halibut from mixed species catches of roundfish.
The pre-cooked roundfish, flatfish and fillets are brazed with real grill stripes and made with water-based, oil-based or dry marinade featuring herbal mix.