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The edges of the flat nose should be crisp to enable them to sever arteries and tendons instead of pushing them aside as they pass, like a roundnose bullet.
I am glad to see the recent surge in popularity of 6.5mm cartridges, but I believe the Swedish round gives up nothing to the 6.5mm Creedmoor and may be better due to being able to utilize the Hornady 160-grain roundnose at modest velocity for deer.
Hoch mold that's roundnose with a small flat (because it's a nose pour), a 555-gr.
"Rimfire competition shooters have always relied on the classic, traditional lead roundnose bullet design in our match-grade, Gold Medal ammunition," says Federal's J.J.
The common .38 Special with a 158-grain roundnose bullet at 800 fps was not capable of penetrating the steel doors of vehicles.
I'm speaking of actual bullets and not loaded ammunition, which the idiots in the news media continually and mistakenly call "bullets." Bullets can be hollow-point (HP), jacketed soft point (JSP), full-metal jacketed (FMJ), wadcutter (WC), semi-wadcutter (SWC), roundnose (RN), roundnose/flatpoint (RN/ FP) and many other types.
Elmer speculated that the 300-grain roundnose made by Fred Barnes might be a better choice when hunting elk in heavy timber, but I don't believe he actually got around to trying it.
A large, charging mammal presents a steep ricochet-prone angle of very heavy cranial bone and roundnose full metal jacket bullets are infamously vulnerable to ricochet.
The NGO notes that TACs are too high for roundnose grenadier, red seabream and alfonsinos, for which there is a lack of sound scientific advice.
These include alfonsino (Beryx splendens), black cardinalfish (Epigonus telescopus), orange roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus), southern boarfish (Pseudopentaceros richardsoni), macrourid rattails (primarily roundnose grenadier Coryphaenoides rupestris), oreos (several species of the family Oreosomatidae, including the smooth oreo Pseudocyttus maculatus and the black oreo Allocyttus niger), and toothfish (Patagonian toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides and Antarctic toothfish D.
For instance numbers of roundnose grenadier declined by 41% looking at stocks from the surface to 2,500 metres, while a 77% decline was observed in non-target species the smallmouth spiny eel at the same depths.